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INTO THE ABYSS: An exploration-focused retro-styled side-scrolling platformer in METROIDVANIA genre.
Fixed extra life chest glitch
Added extra save point just before boss fight
Minor bugs fixed
v. 1.1
- Jump button moved to Z key
- Improved Left/Right movement
- minor bugs fixed

Keys Left and Right - character horizontal movement;
Key Up - interraction;
Key Z - Jump;
Key M - Map (must be found first);
Key X - Weapon (must be found first);
During progress you will able to learn abilities:
- Map use
- Weapon use
- Double Jump
- Wall Slide

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This game is very good. It feels like a Gameboy type of game. But overall you did a very good job.

You could add some achievement for the secret places...

Finally solved it and found all the secret places. Here's a pic of the map with them: SPOILER https://imgur.com/a/WQ8Eu That was pretty fun. Biggest problem is as the game went on it took longer and longer while switching rooms. Was up to around 30 seconds of waiting by the end. Never seen lag that bad for a game like this before. Good game overall though.

This game has very similar gameplay to other next game by this author Access Code: Heaven. I liked that game so I played this one too and liked this one too.

Advantages of this game is that it is slightly less linear then the second game which is completely linear. Another advantage is that in this game the last boss looks consistent with the rest of enemies and dungeons, while in the second game the last boss looked like something pasted from another style of game.

Advantages of the second game is that there are two more easy bosses and the final boss, that is similar to this games boss but is much tougher and has additional random homing attacks, which actually make him a challenge. In this game the last boss is too easy.

I rated this authors second game with 4 stars and the above written makes them even. However I will put a slightly lower score for this game because it has a lot of bugs and glitches which seem to be missing from the Access Code: Heaven

Bugs are:
- When jumping and landing on a very edge, the protagonist can get stuck and only way to unstuck is to fall down, which can mean hitting a spike below, if there is no wall jumping yet.
- In some places you must fall down but you cannot see the floor below, whether there are spikes and enemies. Decentralizing the view downwards by using the down arrow would solve this problem.
- The character is frozen before boss fight and can move just in the last second to barely avoid its first charge. It is unclear when exactly the character becomes responsive. This is a cheap way how to make the boss more harder and should be fixed.
- If you backtrack a lot to look for missed secret chests or other reason the game starts loading the next screen increasingly slowly up to point it becomes boring.

Another thing is that secrets are very hard to find, (that is a mixed blessing) - I found just two in my first playtrough. Then I backtracked the whole game twice with all abilities and found only two more despite jumping at all walls on the game even those in pits and close to spikes. My best guess is that the two remaining secrets are in ceilings, but the long loading time would make it an unrewarding chore to look for them too. I was disappointing there is no secret in the starting area in the hole protagonist falls down at beginning, that would be perfect place.

On overall I really like games by this author, despite them being a bit too short and too simple, because I like games of Metroidvania generally. I do hope this author makes a third game which is both longer and better.

gamesbynoe responds:

Hi. Thank you for your review. INTO THE ABYSS was my first try in metroidvania genre. Unlike my other project, this game has more bugs that I tried to fix in ACCESS CODE: HEAVEN which there are no secret rooms in it because there are still very few who have looked for them. I'm glad that you are one of them. Right now im working on my new project and guess what? My new project will take all the best of the two previous games. Cheers and thank you for playing! ;)

Neat little game with a retro look. Generally my kind of thing.

My only minor gripe is that the levels almost all provided very little challenge. But half the fun is seeing the monsters and other art anyway, so I don't mind much.

I never did find any of the secrets though.

gamesbynoe responds:

Hello! Thanx for review. INTO THE ABYSS is my first try in this genre. Probably I took it too seriously while creating secret rooms. In my second game called ACCESS CODE: HEAVEN i decided to refuce from this idea. Comparing these two games, you can observe my evolution in METROIDVANIA genre. Let's see what will happen in my third game which is already in development.