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DynoStory (1.02)

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tip; If you get stuck somewhere [Press and hold 'D' ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ].

UPDATE 1.02 3rd April 2017 ; Added more Checkpoints to PallidWorld, fixed some confusing level design (and traps), Teleport Halo added, Fixed Regressive Checkpoints, Added Death function for quick escape [ Hold 'D' key ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ]. If you struggled with the previous version... Enjoy ^^

UPDATE 1.01 30th March 2017 ; Added Checkpoints and altered some level design based on feedback. If you struggled with the previous version... Enjoy ^^

A Mini Metroidvania-like platformer with upgrades, exploration and boss battles to a cross over universe between DynoStorm and PallidCrest with a funky Drum and Bass Soundtrack. Free!

Arrows to move. X or Up to Jump, Double Jump, Fly, Wall Jump etc.
Z to Attack. Checkpoints at the beginning of Boss Fights, Good luck!
['P' to Pause and 'M' to Mute/Unmute Audio]

Download DynoStory on itchi.io ; https://dynostorm.itch.io/dynostory

Listen to the Soundtrack ; https://dynostorm.bandcamp.com/album/dynostory-ost

Need help? Stuck? ; https://youtu.be/joSLlk41SXY

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DynoStory (C) DynoStorm 2017 - All Rights Reserved

Copyright DynoStorm © 2017

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I usually like Metroidvanias and I really enjoyed Gabber Dabbers, so I was excited about this game, but it somewhat disappointing me because some design choices where incomprehensible and messy.

- The coins seemed so serve no purpose, was there even a counter? Coins regenerating after each return to the same screen was lame.
- The story, dialogues, character and boss names were totally incomprehensible. It seemed to be internal jokes between both the game creators, but when you release the game for an audience be prepared that they don't get it and it seems lame.
- At various points it is very confusing to understand where to go next, especially in 2nd stage when you control Pallid, but there are also moments like that in 1st stage.
- When did Pallid gained teleportation power? It totally missed that and the mechanics were not explained. I just suddenly saw him doing that during the boss fight.

What I liked about this game:
- Good graphics
- Good twist on the double jump mechanics. I liked how Dyno's Chicken makes him move horizontally instead of classic double jump trajectory. Then when he gets the jet backpack he effectively has a triple jump but all jumps have various trajectories. The Pallid's teleportation jump was even cooler then Dyno's because that move was so fast and could bypass walls. Too bad I only discovered it in the very last boss fight. I would have loved to see a more longer and more deeper game using these mechanics. So many games use double jump mechanics these days, but they all do it in the same way. This was really different and innovative but wasn't long enough and there where not enough puzzles requiring that.
- Boss fights were rather good, although the bosses sadly moved in predictable patterns at least they fired some semi-predictable projectiles and spawned some semi random minions. The names and appearance of the bosses was totally random trough.

A good game with great graphics and mechanics, showing a great potential in developers, but the levels, story and some design choices need to be thought out in a more logical and comprehensible manner next time.

DynoStorm responds:

Thanks! Fair response.

There was 2 large rooms where the Teleport ability was utilized (+ a small one for the item collection). Perhaps you encountered a bug in which you somehow managed to enter the boss room without collecting the item yet gained the ability? I dunno, seems weird.

Yeah I know the coins suck, I wanted them to serve a purpose but it turned out to be a lot more complicated than I thought to get them to work and I was already pretty far /w Development. Whoops.

Next time I'll either avoid coins entirely or find a way to make em work.

If you'd like to find out more about the game, this might interest you :)

Pretty fun. Had to stop playing because I got trapped as the second character. If you teleport to the platform on top of the start of the room where he goes "There must be a way to get over these quickly", you get trapped by an invisible wall to the right and no way back down.

DynoStorm responds:

Yeah sorry about that, I've got a new version of the game ready to be released soon. So that should be fixed! ^^

(It's out! v1.02)

If you have any more feedback feel free to PM me! ^^

Its good, but its all bugged up. I cant play with the second character cuz i get stucked in the edges.

Love it, but in some parts there are coins that either I don't know how to get to or they're impossible to get to. Probably the first though. Also when you go to new "levels" the coins and enemies reset.
If you made the game in GM:S there should be a persistence button in the room options (This is regular GMS i don't know about GMS 2). I think that fixes it.

DynoStorm responds:

Thanks for playing!

Yeah I tried to investigate how to make the coins vanish permanently, persistence I think makes the coins stay across room changes. So I decided to just use them as a guide.

Next time I make a game with coins I'll be sure to try and go the extra mile to make those coins more useful.

Not too bad. Feels like Momodora 1 to me.