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Mission Santa, are you able to reach the end?

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here is windows version with music and sounds

hard game i made it to the lava floor room.i died 12 times i had a cry need some music and santa bit slow i like the graphics

Your title and high-level concept are great. I saw Speed Runnin Santa and I had to click to check it out. I definitely wanted to be a speed running santa; however, here is some feedback.

Sound: As far as I can tell, there is no sound in this at all and that makes me sad. If you have no idea how to make sounds, that's fine, but you should check out some free software for sound generation like SFXR. It's super easy to use and make sounds that would work perfectly for a game like this. Again, this may just be my browser being dumb and not playing the audio, but if that's not the case, you really should think about sound for your next game, or this game if you plan to update it.

UI: My guess is that you have the player press "Z" to start the game because you are hoping they will return to it when they can't figure out how to jump? When it comes to controls, never assume anything about the player. Especially in smaller games like this. I know it can seem like the obvious solution to you, but I promise you that 50% of people won't figure it out. Be more overt about the controls if you can.

Controls: Given that this is meant to be a speed run game, controls are everything. If your controls aren't tight, and consistent it makes people really not enjoy running a game because they don't have the control they want to go fast. I was having a pretty rough time controlling the character and the jump was pretty floaty and difficult to maneuver. I may just suck at this game, but i could only get to like the 4th screen and couldn't make it past the two spike ball things going back and forth. After around 6 attempts at the same area I was just done playing because it seemed impossible.

I hope this feedback was helpful! Thanks for making this game and for giving me the image of santa being a speed runner who collects presents! Keep on making games!

I like the idea, although I got a lucky guess that it is the "Z" key for jumping. The santa runs really slow though, I don't see how you get pass the first spiked ball.

Unclear what's suposed to happen and what controls are.

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2.58 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2017
7:41 AM EDT
Adventure - Other