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Cube Growth

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Author Comments

This seed would one day grow out to become Tough Growth!
This is one of the earliest prototypes of Tough Growth.

Eat smaller cubes and grow bigger,
but AVOID getting eaten by bigger cubes.
This is an Alpha Phase prototype

DISCLAIMER: Any feedback is welcome! (At this stage you can have a huge impact on the way the game will turn out ;) )

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i like it, it's a nice little game and the way it's set up with the cubes sliding towards you adds a unique and original touch to the concept, though i do agree that the play area could be a little wider.

Not to be rude, just sharing my thoughts maybe reduce the slide or take it off

Jaswir responds:

Could you elaborate please?
What do you mean with slide?
Do you feel a slide when moving horizontally?

I would suggest writing a simple randomizer function for the colors of the other cubes. Overlapping red-on-red is hard to see. Furthermore, widen the play area some, at least relatively -- getting rammed by 6 cubes at once that are all size 80 or so feels a bit cheap.

Frankly, I'm just happy to have a decent feeding frenzy clone.

This game is a bit raw. Try to use rasp when working. Good luck.I believe - this game will be better.

Jaswir responds:

I'm new to this, what is rasp?

Ok. I'm at 2400 points, I'm so big I litteraly disapeared but I'm still gaining points. I think there a little bug or glitch there.

Now, the game could be interesting, but as it is now, it isn't really. It felt way too sluggish to really be intertaining. I had to play 2 whole game to be able to actualy beat it with how slow it is. It really bring the difficulty and interest of the game down. The concept is interesting but you need to push it more.

As it is now, I'll give you one star for the concept, and one for the effort. I'm sure, once you'll be done creating it, this game will be worth a way better rating.

Credits & Info

2.18 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2017
2:56 PM EDT

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