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This is a little 10 minute text adventure type game I made. It's just a little something about how people don't seem to listen to each other anymore; They just shout

More things soon.


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Patch 1.03:
-Fixed game centering on smart devices

Patch 1.02:
-New thumbnail
-New ending bit
-Tweaked some dialogue

Patch 1.01:
-Added replay button

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its 2019 and this is still accurate. Gameplay is nice wish there was some more options

Tip: Get prompted at the end to try again on a different side, for people who think this is one sided, I am seeing reviews that think this or that are afraid of people thinking this. I went on both sides btw. I dunno if this is a nice tip but being more obvious might help people get the point, I don't know (Don't say "play again?" say "try again?" and make it larger and more obvious)

I wish there was a option to say "what are politics", I don't know what left or right is, I don't really get any of the shit that happens and the world is just too messy and confusing

I already don't like the game it's just, I don't like it, it feels like I am in the mind of a person that is scared of what people may respond to with his opinions and yes some people do respond that way but still, it just made me uncomfortable, it feels like I am being presented with a view of the world. I don't like people to tell me how they see the world, it always just messes me up. I am only giving a 2.5 because you are JackAstral and you are awesome but, I don't like this, there's not a good way to explain it, it's just uncomfortable and annoying. The song doesn't help I guess, the song is irritating

I mean, my take on it is just, don't believe everybody is gonna be a aggressive cunt to you but when they are just tell them to fuck off. There are a lot of people on the world that will have this behavior but they aren't as many as you may think. If someone asked me about my opinions some random stranger I have no reason to talk to, I just won't tell them anything, if someone like that knocked on my door I would just tell them to get out that they should ask someone else and I am not their guy. I can tell this to my friends and maybe a stranger that gave me a reason (like wanting to join a interesting conversation, or something that showed me they were chill), but not a guy that I just saw once. I can't say everybody is like that because a trans person friend I have was a cunt to me and talked shit about me not so long ago, I can just say, she became crazy but there sure are trans people who are not like this, I just had a bad experience from the only trans friend I had and that's all, and I hope my next experience will be better

TL;DR: I don't care about these kind of topics and the game made me uncomfortable and has this mindset that everybody is gonna yell at you for your opinions, sure there are a lot but still, it just doesn't help to think this way, even if that was true I like just being optimistic and hoping that not everybody is gonna be a cunt. This is probably not what the game was trying to portray, but it still made me uncomfortable and that was my take on it

The writing on the trump side is pretty poorly done and repetitive. Other than that, good job.

it's alright, nothing good but not awful. wish there was an option to slam the door on them part of the way through the conversation though.


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3.76 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2017
2:37 PM EDT
Adventure - Other