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Subterranean Losers

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In the distant past animals lived in the hollow (which is real and true) earth with advanced technology. (also real and true).
In this episode Rav teaches Kit a life-hack.

Art and animation by Michael Chandler

Sam Hailey as the nature doc narrator.
Mary Zolp as Kit
Michael Chandler as Rav

Music by Doug Maxwell

Produced by Aaron Margolin and Jace Baker.


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Nice slice of life but very short.

I love this idea

I really like the idea here it was a tad bit short though you should really make more into this more depth into the story because you do have a good idea here and the animation is notbad at all on this so nice work here my advice is make it longer and ad more depth into it as well besides that it's a nice piece

More depth into the story more longer


Okay, so subtlety is key here. What I've noticed about the show is that what draws me in the most about it is the realistic dynamic between the characters but also their reactions to simple things. "Beer'd ya" being "beard' me" in the other person's mind (even though they know better) is pretty great. The casual, relaxed tones actually remind me of Regular Show except interactions in this seem a bit further down - grounded, if you will - on a spectrum of personal interaction. "Less fanciful" is how I'd describe it but I'd also have to say "more charming". Now, it's not all realistic as we know that real people are often either stumbling over each other in a conversation or not really listening. The latter of this aspect is highlighted in Kit's disregard of Rav's insight but at the same time, it's not like there's an air of disconnection between them.

I know it looks like I'm reading too deep into this but really, I'm just trying to break it down into it's base components.

In summary: I liked it - even if it was short - and I found myself captured in a brief moment by characters who made me realize that other creations fail to do the same in twenty minutes or even more. Good work and may the winds of fate not screw you over.

P.S. Also, the concept of a civilization living in a cavity underground is so cool! Have an extra half-star for that.

Mosh-Bit-Cartoons responds:

Hey thanks for the review. I'm glad you appreciate the subtlety in the dialog and character writing. It's something really hard to pull off especially when your VAs are on different sides of the US recording at different times. Shout out to Mary Zolp for realizing Kit so well. I was unsure if people would "get" this series and I'm so glad that you and some others seem to understand what I'm trying to do. Thanks!

It was a little funny, but the animation was really good. I think you should make longer episodes for these.

Mosh-Bit-Cartoons responds:

Thanks for the interest. I originally came up with this idea to be sort of one-gag bite-sized cartoons. Think of it like a comic strip. My plan is to compile all of the "strips" into a complete narrative.

Maybe in the future I will make full tv length episodes if I can get the means to.

This is quite cute, I like the style. I'd like to see more of these two.

Mosh-Bit-Cartoons responds:

Thanks! Next episode is coming soon!