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Short puzzle game where you have to reach the exit.
Slow, calming game with ambient music and a not so hard difficulty.

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I can handle the spinning levels, I actually think they're pretty good. What I cannot deal with are the inverse controls that seem to randomly switch, sometimes Left meaning left, and sometimes left meaning right, depending upon where the board is at any given time.

If we were able to UNDO putting an arrow, it would be fine, or change it's direction, but since we have to restart any time a mistake is made, all it takes is one slight slip up for us to have to ruin all of our hard work we put in, which is incredibly frustrating, especially when close to finishing a puzzle.

Neither WASD nor Arrow keys worked in Waterfox with Win 10

not a bad idea....but bro, level 22 is not at all fair id bet that 23 and 24 are the same but thanks to my eyes being unable to deal with 22 i havent seen them. had been enjoying the simple puzzles up until that point though so nice work otherwise :)

I like your game it is a good idea, but the graphics need some improvents.

Good concept, but the spinning levels are an immense nuisance. Very calming music, fits the game. Maybe cut back on the tutorial levels, they kinda ruin the flow of the game. Also I would appreciate the possibility of replacing single arrows instead of restarting everything, especially in the last levels.

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3.50 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2017
9:33 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other