King of Porn City

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King of Porn City, the one and only evolutive hentai mastergame!
Dozens of customs, outfits and fetishes depicted, hundreds of scenarios & animations to be enjoyed, thousands of babes to creampie!

(Note : February 2017 update. As this game gets a regular truckload of fixes and content addition, it's important to note!)

Have fun, have kink, have sex!

Check on my plenty and various games here : http://mattisgames.com/

And support me on patreon.com if you like the work : https://www.patreon.com/mattisfiction


we want a sequel of queen of porn city

mattisgames responds:

* cough * sexforge * cough *
Hum hum... Well, at last once we'll start adding comtemporary stages & outfits to Sexforge, lol ;)
In the meantime, KoPC never stopped being updated, with years. Be sure to consult latest version on mysexgames for overextending content, campaigns, poses, fixes, additions and so on!

lmao my head disappeared

Love it so much :)

I've been playing this game since I found it in 2014 on the other website.
My biggest issue with it is that when playing as a futa, you can't change the ass. It's small and doesn't fit with the torso.
Other than that and obvious bugs (such as switching heads too often will result in no heads at all), the only thing I'd have to ask is either a less grindy experience, or more campaigns to play.

I love this game, though, caters to several fetishes at the same time.

There is a possibility to have hermaphrodite option for the girls of this brillant game??

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mattisgames responds:

Not this one ("yet", at least!), but in Sexforge (another huge engine of mine that benefited from experience accumulated on KoPC), you are free to choose anything you want, for both yourself and NPCs! (even a mix of everything)

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3.00 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2017
1:49 AM EDT
Simulation - Other