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The sound effects are right just the way they are ;)

M - Mute

Arrow Keys / wasd - Move

The game loops endlessly over a few levels after you kill the Endboss.

Ok, my highscore got destroyed!
Good job guys!
(30k is Insane!)

Thank you so much for the frontpage!

Follow me on twitter, I make one game per month in 2017!


Really fun game. Didn't defeat the big bear boss dude. Too difficult.

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The difficulty level seemed pretty low up until the bird popped up, but suddenly it's a whole new level of strategy! It's fun with new and random enemies popping up with each level though, and a game that moves at such a leisurely pace while still keeping you focused and entertained, with plenty of random and reward with the scores. Refreshingly different; easy to play and play again! Nice game.


I gotta say I love your stuff Wombat! Always something simple yet addicting.

I liked the sounds, the concept, the precision of the controls and the fact that we have a high-score table.

There are some things however that could be changed unless they are meant to work like this.

- most enemies instantly die when you shoot them 1-3 times, however the "penis" (purple tube that flies at you) and the blue red sombrero (?) seem to linger on even after you shoot them. That means if you fly towards their direction you can still get hit AFTER you took them out.
- sometimes the "penis" monster starts so close to your initial location that you cannot avoid collision

If these are deliberate then ok (you are an asshole! :) ) If not...they should be changed.

Other than those small points I have no complaints. All this one needs is a few more monsters, perhaps pickups OR multiplayer. imagine people playing this game against one another...or as a team or in a free for all. This could be a new online hit.

Keep it up, Wombat, good stuff!

Oh..and you are going down, baby. I am already third on the list...I'm gonna wipe my arse with that high-score of yours...just watch me! :D

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StuffedWombat responds:

The penis was meant to be a rocket but I can see how you can also look at it as a penis :)

The sombreros and penises explode, leaving behind a wondefully animated (ciatation needed) explosion which is meant to be hurtfull.

I am glad you enjoy it.

Congrats on beating my highscore (tbh, i never even got close to 20k again, good job!)

Good one, totally random, but completely enjoyable, even sounds are awesome, and the reload concept is something new!

I think the reloading mechanic is fairly inventive. I don't think I've seen one like it before. It does help emphasize aiming and the fact that you are always on the move makes me think of strafing runs, but with pizza.

I think Pepperoni may have been a better name since we're going for a pizza theme. I agree that the enemies may have been a bit random and I might have liked a bit more of a unified theme in the opposition, but that is hardly a dealbreaker. Some of the sound-effects sound like they were just placeholders, but they got the job done well enough. The controls are not sloppy at all, and after a short bit, I was flying my pizza slice around the whole place.

The game could stand a bit more polish, enemy variety and the like, but it was just charming enough to be entertaining. I approve.

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3.73 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2017
4:02 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS