The Mana World whentai comission

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select Manaworld characters (-syx -red -kandi) cowgirl viewer (big boobs), video. forest background

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The art is great but that looping is unnatural, especially on how the boobs are bouncing. Too much bounce with so little movement. And then they don't loop very well either. Other than that, it's okay.

Two stars for the animation, and lack of regressive sjw lady boy degeneracy.
Fat tits are a plus.

But personally, I would rather have full on flash animation; heavy animation, that looks like ms paint, over cgi looking stuff.

Flash animation is fucking hard work.
And the people who put their all into it get little credit while disembodied pictures of close ups, with little story or animation get tons of love from brain dead sjw Millennials that thrive off of lost brain cells and woman that look like men.

Artwork is good, but flash is the soul.
And it's missing this core element and has no life at the core.

aight i'ma be totally honest. this shit is terrible. don't get me wrong your art is 7/10 would fap and we all know it but that animation is fucking bare-minimum work. like you gave up half way because it was acceptable. some dude here is talking about how the gold rings look iffy but didn't even mention the tits? the gold rings were literally the best thing you animated. must have his dick screwed on too tight.

good art. shit animation. make it good animation to have amazing art. don't listen to entitled people complaining that you don't have enough scenes.

It's not terrible, but it is what it is... Not much either.
You've got a good idea started, and I can understand the haste to get product out the door to customers and traffic. At the same time, if you're going to stand out for something, you have to be able to brand it and own it. Just looking around NG here, you have a lot of really stiff (yeah, that stiff) competition. A set of gifs that simply mirror each other with a few colors and details swapped isn't going to win a talent contest anytime soon, and you clearly have talent... even a fairly honed skill.
DON'T RUSH! I can't stress that enough. When you get a quality product together and see your popularity shoot upwards in steady growth, subs, more commissions and more traffic, you'll know it's right.
As to the piece, itself, it's fluid and reasonably well executed, but I can't judge what hasn't been done. Any sound would be better than none... A "finish" would be nice... And if you're going to offer "player controls" you should probably not only change the acting character, but shift the camera view... It doesn't have to be a lot, but enough to prove you care more than selecting portions of a character bitmap and changing the colors... or just enough to add the eye-patch. I'm surely not the only one to notice that... And it "feels" cheap, lazy...
Artistic style and quality are alright, viable sales material going on. Just needs some more attentive effort. Now, don't forget to breathe, relax, and keep on keeping on... I believe in you. You really can get there from here... :o)

The animation was good. To me the bouncing gold rings looked a little iffy. Overall its good. Just need some sound effects.

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3.07 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2017
12:11 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody