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Test Ball (Hard Edition)

rated 2.07 / 5 stars
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Mar 22, 2017 | 11:05 AM EDT

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Patch Notes:
V 0.01
Some Minor improvements; Sound track change,texture update, one more level, fixed some of the clipping, tutorial fix, annoying game over sound removal, coin sounds were made quiter, some minor bug fixes
V 0.02
One new level, Shop was included on level 3, Added moving enemy, added axis change blocks, created life system, moved testing area out of visible area. Some other bugfixes and minor improvements. *Fixed a bug introduced in this patch*
V 0.025
Retextured some weird textures made level 5 a little easier slight improvements for level 2 fixed shop bug.

Hello guys iam begginer developer and iam just trying to upload a game that made in a weekend. Would be nice to hear some opinions so i can improve in the future ^^
No graphics because iam horrible at Design so i just took some random textures and flopped them on. Currently working on a better game that i hope will be way better well it already is but future will show.

Song by Kuba Oms - My Love



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Well then. Where to start. Okay, so, this game is actually pretty decently good and well put together. Physics actually work well, and all the pieces actually are stable when they come in contact. Very easy to control. Now that the positives are out of the way, let's get to some criticism. So the basics. Gotta pick a different song, or have song options available. That kind of song doesn't seem to exactly... fit... And I know you say no graphics (don't get me wrong, they all seem to work well), but gotta give some sort of effort in that department. People that see it, aren't going to enjoy as much as they could if they had better graphics/textures. Graphics are almost just as important as gameplay. They visually portray the gameplay in a sense.

On to some more complicated stuff... The blocks is part of this. There was a couple times when I saw clipping issues with platforms and other platforms, platforms with other objects, and the like. Now, I know this is a test and is no big deal, but that kind of stuff needs to be more hidden. Onto sound effects. There are none. Unless of course you count the coins. It's kind of awkward when you are playing, then you come along a coin and you hear this loud "coin-get" sound effect. The tutorial... Okay, so, if you are going to have a tutorial, have it on the main menu in some fashion be it through a button or on the main menu itself, but cleverly. Or hell, put it on the screen as soon as the player hits play. Don't have us fumble through either WASD or the Arrow Keys, then find the tutorial telling you the movements. Especially don't have the goal with the tutorial. Have it as like a pop-up when the user enters the game, or cleverly placed. Now, the last level, you kinda need a better way to end it. By ending the game with the same screen as all the other levels, people get confused, like, is the game over? Is it broken? What? On to when you die. When you die, make it so that the entire level resets, because when I played the first level, I screwed up and knocked the cube off, so I went to kill myself to reset everything, and lo and behold the block was still gone when I got to that point. That was an annoying inconvenience to refresh my browser. What if that happened to be on a later level? I would have had to start at the beginning, and that is every gamer's nightmare. Losing all their progress and having to start over from the start.

Some Suggestions: In your later games, put some puzzle-esk stuff in there. Don't make it like every single other platformer where you go from Point A to Point B. Have it so that the user utilizes the level more. A good use of space, if you will. Have it so that we have to push a button, to open up a path to push another one, but look! We have to go back to the start to push another! Or something like that. ESPECIALLY since you have those jumper pads. That opens up so many opportunities! Also, as a personal thing, since it's a ball, have it have to build up momentum instead of just being one speed from the start and staying like that.

Now I understand that this is a test game, but if you are going to make more, there is a lot of work to be done. This is very good game for your first time, but needs a butt-load of work. If I had the brain power to continue, I would definitely. But right now, I don't. Plus, I think I've said all that needs to be said for now anyways.

This has been an honest gamer's review. Hope this helps.

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justasxz responds:

Man you are like gold mine can i have you as my personal reviewer ? I could make my games like 50 times better o_O


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

it's good all it needs a ploish

justasxz responds:

Definetly does but thanks for trying anyways.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

For a beginner developer, this is pretty solid. The physics aren't wonky, everything works as it should, and the short-lived experience was a fun one. Since this is just a test, I won't criticize the lack of polish; all I can say is that the bounce physics on impact from a higher platform is a little weird. Other than that, it feels pretty right.

justasxz responds:

Thank you. i will try to not overlook this in my future games.