Selcouth Episode 1

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Made in one week, this story follows a girl named Leilani who finds herself in an interesting situation

Episode 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSFB9vGNzCc
Episode 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiWwjbjYB4o&t=


I'll give you my 2 cents:
Animation: it appears more like a slideshow than it appears as an animation. In other words, the animation itself was incredibly limited until the end moreso. Even then, the line work was still kind of rough and the animation, while having a few more frames, was still lacking. I'll check out the future episodes to see if you improve upon future works.
And the voice acting wasn't anything amazing and the hardware you used to record it was sub-par and sounded rather cheap. And the voice acting, while kind of bland, was strangely charming in some places. But I recommend the voice actors work on their craft a bit and add a bit of personality to it.

I don't write these things for a personal attack against your work. It's so you might improve in the future. It at least held my attention until the end. Keep at it, and good luck!

bewear responds:

This is all completely true! I agree that its super slideshow-y and not very animated until certain parts, and even when it's in "animation mode" like at the end, it's not even completed or colored. I DEFINITELY did not try that hard on it, considering it was made in like 3 days, and i specifically gave the bear VA to not try that hard so I can see all your points! Thank you for input! :D I barely get any in my actual comments lol, I'll definitely try more in the future episode considering i'm not on a week schedule anymore, and especially for my future projects for fanime and stuff, i'll actually take my time and maybe you a more smoother brush for outlines haha. but yeah thank you for your comment!

What software did you use for animation & illustration?

bewear responds:

All of the scenes that were colored were made in CLIP STUDIO PAINT, and the fight scene w/o color was made in FLASH CS6

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2.77 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2017
6:16 AM EDT