No Hexy

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Lonely Hexy 5 Points

You are the only Hexagon in the world, no one wants you

Lost 5 Points

Who are you?

Parents Love 5 Points

Parents always give you love, it doesn't matter if they are mothers of fathers

Reverse 5 Points

Do you really want to be like the others?

The Mask 5 Points

You can wear masks in your life from now on

Triangle's Tragedy 5 Points

Something bad is just happened

Author Comments

No Hexy is a simple, minimalistic narrative experience that talks about important topics like Bullying and Racism.

You are Hexy, the only Hexagon in a world of Triangles, Squares and Pentagons. Being yourself will make something happens and you will learn that sometimes the best thing to do is mask who you really areā€¦

Headphones are higly recommended!

- Use W/A/S/D to move and tap E and C when they appear on the screen

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And who cares about acceptance? Either people like you as you are or they don't. That's reality, a place where you should stay. If you have no enemies and everyone loves you then you are not living in reality, you are not real.

Lots of potential, but none of it realized.

This game shows a lot of potential the music is excellent, the graphics seem very fitting and the story shows a lot of promise. That being said, it's got two really big problems that prevent it from realizing any of it.

First, it's way, way too slow. I consistently read all the text before it even finishes fading in, then it sticks around for about ten times as long then slowly fades out - there really needs to be a continue button. Along the same lines, the character is horrendously slow to move across the screen - its speed needs to be doubled at least.

Second, the game uses the WASD keys for primary movement instead of the Arrows. It makes sense to do that when the mouse is also a primary input but that's not the case in this game so it just feels incredibly awkward here. At the very least, the player needs the option to correct the control scheme even if the default remains the same as it is now.

A very beautiful game with a story that hit close to home.

I like the concept and design, but it's painfully slow as it is. It would be nice to be able to speed up the text, and also if the character moved faster. If those things were fixed, more choices and such may be attractive.

Very interesting and sad concept, but I would, as already mentioned down below, suggest you to add different choices/paths. Other than that, good game.

Credits & Info

3.34 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2017
6:12 AM EDT
Adventure - Other