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5 stars simply because it is a lot better than so many games with 4 star ratings.

The game has bugs, but the developer is active in trying to track them down and solve them.
There is often someone in the game to help if you ask, and a generally great community.
There are plans to expand many aspects of the game after critical bug fixes are done.
Biggest problem now is a lack of 6 stars for when the game gets even better.

I love this game. I always looked for something like that - it need to be fixed and reapired, but... I played for a month, and lost my squad today. I mean - I opened game, and everything just started from tutorial. Where is my archer, knight, asssasin and other guys? They are gone. I didn't cleaned my browser, it just delete my profile. So... That's why I rate 2

I see a lot of complaints about not knowing what stats do and needing tutorials, which I just don't understand. Maybe it is because I do a lot of table top gaming but I thought the game was super easy to pick up and love pretty much everything about it. Had some lag issues at first but everything seems to be running swimmingly now. Only complaint I have is the little bit of the pay to play aspect, I totally understand it but never been a fan myself; I would much rather drop an initial payment for the game. Maybe like a quest system or something to give free players a bit more of a chance to earn pixie dust for more classes and such would help balance it out a little. Also seems a bit difficult to get any gear worth swapping off the starting gear, but that is probably due to the limited time I really get to play and get into the PvP and such.

Been playing a while and its a lot of fun. Brings back the feels...

It's retro as fuck, and I haven't played very far, but I can tell - this is a winner

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3.63 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2017
10:49 AM EDT
Strategy - Other