Savetale: Save The World "Chara Pilot"- An Undertale Fan-Game [WIP]

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EDIT: Added a lil bit more. Interactive character's more rooms. This is still a work in progress. Just needed you guys to get the idea. There's a room in the school hall where when you click, it doesn't work. go to the Flash settings and click "Forward"

The Genre says RPG, but it's also a point and click. This has some bugs. to name them:

-Walking in place
-some scenes don't fade in
-Audio glitches.
-The school door locks on the outside
-In the race to room 1301, you will stand still. Just click on doors


contiuse walking animaton

Not bad but in the race; at the ) virage you cannot click on the arrows because they do nothing.
And what is that obscure room at the right of your first entry in class i want explanation and you to correct that bug.Because of that,i am only at the first save point.

Apart of that,it's a bit nice?Maybe.PLS just improve it i know you can do good updates in that game!

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It has promise, but I wasn't able to make it very far.

well,a shitty game but,i know that you are working more on this game,and i hope that this game will be awesome!

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if this was a finished game, I would give it no stars, because the only room in the school that isn't under construction does nothing, so there's no game, or at least no game that I consider a game.

bb-panzu responds:

the rooms does nothing was so i could test the room feature. Trust me. There WILL be intractable objects and characters in this fan-game so don't judge it too bad yet

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2.53 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2017
10:29 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG