TD-Mass Hysteria

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Art school and religion aren't that different, and its' gonna get a bit awkward for anyone indoctrinated in one way of thinking or another as I complain about the dumb shit on both sides.
Let's go!


Damn, there should be more people like you. I laughed my ass off and agree with what you was saying. The is just so many fucking, stupid people who follow like sheep to the slaughter house, in many things in life. So nice to see there is other people out there that isn't totally full of B.S., to the point they cannot only not enjoy life but see what is really going on. You keep up the good work, I'm glad to see there is still hope in the human race.

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My art teacher despised negative space more than anything. Everything had to be covered, don't dare to use the color of the paper as a color in the piece. If I hadn't despised her, I might have taken her more seriously. As it is, I inadvertently started dedicating my life to wasting paper, until, obviously, art supplies got too absurdly expensive.

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I really enjoy your thoughts on life in general, it seems like every one of us have been dealing with these questions, since I can relate to pretty much all of them. on a side note I love the ilustrations you use for your videos. keeo it up!

An amusing free-verse rant in the best mid-00's rhythms.

Personally I prefer Robert Crumb's "Fine Artiste Blues:"

When I quit my job I spent three months in bed
Thought I'd take up fine-art painting instead
Got myself a canvas an' a can of paint:
Five minutes' work is gonna make me a saint...

"And nothing is new under the sun"--see? We're back to religion again!

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I don't know if this counts as an "Art World Sin" but...




THE MOTHER FUCKING "TUMBLR NOSE" MAN. Holy shit. Red fucking noses EVERYWHERE. It's like every fucking, mother cock-sucking, colored drawing of every character in existence nowadays has to look like they have a damn cold like it's "rudolph the mother-fucking rednose reindeer flu season".

But hey, it's tumblr. Where everybody's a mother fucking snowflake and every made up gender with a name that sounds like something a snart blender upchucked is illegal to disprove/call out or they'll "like totally report you for gender discrimination" and call all their tumblr friends for back-up so they can help nuke your blog with no warning whatsoever.

Oh and the ones where they keep trying to draw any canonically skinny/slender/slim/sexy character fat/obese, because "that's not real beauty" or something...

That shit's horrible to art too.

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Raziberry responds:



That other one sucks too.

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