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TD-Mass Hysteria

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Art school and religion aren't that different, and its' gonna get a bit awkward for anyone indoctrinated in one way of thinking or another as I complain about the dumb shit on both sides.
Let's go!

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I had an art teacher who told us we had to draw models in specific ways, in such a way that everybody in class would get the same end result, I would follow along, get my piece done, then usually go over it. removing the eyes, adding joker slits to the mouths, putting the characters in weird cult-ish robes, etc
so the teacher kept pointing me out to the class as a bad example and telling me that what I was doing was not art (because it was different to everyone else's work)

then again, the same psychotic bitch spent an entire week ranting about how she's a rebellious artist due to the fact that her teacher in primary school told her not to mix colored paint with black paint, but she mixed black and yellow to make ugly green... which was apparently enough for her to make art a career choice and torment people with retarded teachings

Raziberry responds:

God damn, dude.


Wow I must say this was pretty funny and some nice ideas you had in here and everything seemed to flow well from one scene to the next and you made this funny and that was the best part about things so nice job indeed on this

Not really anything as I thaught this was really good stuff


Damn, there should be more people like you. I laughed my ass off and agree with what you was saying. The is just so many fucking, stupid people who follow like sheep to the slaughter house, in many things in life. So nice to see there is other people out there that isn't totally full of B.S., to the point they cannot only not enjoy life but see what is really going on. You keep up the good work, I'm glad to see there is still hope in the human race.

My art teacher despised negative space more than anything. Everything had to be covered, don't dare to use the color of the paper as a color in the piece. If I hadn't despised her, I might have taken her more seriously. As it is, I inadvertently started dedicating my life to wasting paper, until, obviously, art supplies got too absurdly expensive.

I really enjoy your thoughts on life in general, it seems like every one of us have been dealing with these questions, since I can relate to pretty much all of them. on a side note I love the ilustrations you use for your videos. keeo it up!

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Mar 19, 2017
11:44 AM EDT
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