Hentai Brothel: Candy

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Since our patreons liked the last one, we decided to make a sequel, this time with a new game. We are thinking about making this into a series, so if you like this type of content, be sure to pledge and voice your support for it ;)



Troubleshooting (Unity WebGL is very prone to causing problems lately, so here are some tips):
-If you see a grey screen, try reloading the page.
-After that, if you see the Unity-Icon, wait a little (max 5 min) if the loading bar does not move. The file is about 10MB big, so it should not take too long, although it will very likely take significantly longer than it would with a flash game
-Tested with Firefox, it is guaranteed to work there
-If you see the loading screen and think it does not load, just let it run in the background for a while and come back a few minutes later (when the game starts, music will start playing)

Sadly, since this is the only way to build Unity Games for Web, we cannot do anything ourselves about this problem.
But we also offer standalone builds as a reward tier for our patrons among other benefits, so you will have no trouble with them!

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The gambling was better than the meat of the game, but the art style was nice although the animation could have been better...and longer

Not bad

love the art
game was short

Again I love your drawing style but your animation got even worse than last time. Last time was kinda sloppy but ok. This time was just bad. The blowjob was miles away from sexy and it is even buggy to control. Love your artstyle so please focus on improving in animations to get some of that awesome style of the static images into the animation.

Also, I want to fuck the showgirl so hard. Please allow us to.

Fastest shorthand writer was Khudada Khan..