Pussymon: Episode 20

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What's up guys, here's Pussymon episode 20. In this update we gonna check two new places, the mysterious woods nearby Halloween town and the volcano were Blazgodon used to live before became one of our Pussymon. I've added a new system that will be available in the full version, the teleport will allow you to move from alternate places in only one click, you can use the teleport in your bag. We also have 7 new Pussymon and new interactions available for Viflameber and Viflamemja. You can also download this and other episodes in my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/sp3ktr3

New Additions:
- 9 Pussymon (7 New)
- 25 New animations
-New Mechanichs
- New teleport system
- New Story
- New map (Volcano)

Thanks for everyone whos supporting me in this big project, there's much more to come next month. Let me know if you find some error or bug, so I can fix it. See you later.

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Its just too good man. Of course there is still the few grammar mistakes but thats all.

Da. Is good

I apologize for my absence from Newgrounds, but I am catching up on the episodes I missed.
I've played from Episode 16 to refresh myself on the mechanics and the story of the game, and I'd like to say that I'm really happy with how the game is progressing.

The game mechanics allowing you to sleep, see multiple sex scenes and the whole layout is progressing quite nicely, and the story elements are keeping pace to the whole series.

Before I give my constructive feedback, please allow me to explain how I play the game, to give context.
My goal in all of these games is to have all my pussymon at lvl 10 with 5 care before the end. First, I start by counting how many pussymon I will need to catch (averages to 10 now) and work twice for the first 3 days while farming for XP in the last two energy slots. When I have $700, I buy the 5 orbs and finish my day either catching one or both pussymon.
The next step is to train the pussymon, which, even in the old method, involves working on the pussymon I need right now first. (With the new care and train tokens, I can use Lizardish's attack to gain tokens faster, which helps) But I check if the pussymon can evolve or not, and only care for them in their final form. Once the pussymon I own are at lvl 10, I move onto the next section, where I repeat the process, avoiding the capture of evolved forms. (I noticed that due to evolution stone prices, this was not possible here). I also take note where the stronger version of my captured pussymon are for later. Once I have access to the evolution stones, I buy enough to evolve my lvl 10 pussymon, which give me a lvl 10 evolved pussymon with 2 care. (I tried full care then evolve, but that still dropped the care meter down to 2). Only when my pussymon cannot evolve anymore do I care for them and screw them, so that I can save, on average, 4-6 care points needed. (In prior games, I focused on caring for the pussymon that gave me an extra care point, but now, that's not needed.) As I progress, if I run out of balls, I will either have $700 or I'll work 'til I get it, then buy the last 5 balls. (I believe that in this game, you're given one ball, but buying 3 for $500 and 1 for $200 turns out the same cost)
Once I have all my pussymon, have fulfilled my sidequests available and am fully healed (so that I can use full heal in a boss battle) I farm or work for an extra $600 and buy two master potions for the boss fight. (kinda sad there hasn't been that many lately) and end the game there.

With that said, I guess my feedback on the game mechanics and balance would be regarding the farming and the healing issue I have had this game.
-Since I farm for total maxes, I am left at the mercy of which monster spawns. In the previous game, the balance was kind of fair with a portion of the map where a win awarded you both a care and training token, but even then, with the spawn rate of the kinds of pussymon awarding each, I was left with 15+ care points at the end, hoping to get more training tokens. In this game specifically, I had the need of 17 more training tokens when I was done caring for all my pussymon.

My suggestion to fix this is to have one section of the map (say area 5) where all pussymon give training tokens and another area of the map (say area 7) where all pussymon give care tokens. That way we could farm for what we need, with no excess. Another idea is to have a booth that trades care tokens for training tokens and vice versa.

-Going with the training token farming, I did find one map section where training tokens seemed more common, at the last scene, but the fight with the pussymon to get it left me having to heal after every battle. So I guess I'd like a bit more balance on the attack power vs enemy hp? At least so I can get two fights in before having to run and heal.

-Talking about healing, I won't lie that going back to town every time was quite easy to heal, but returning to the map area you were at was tedious. Seeing as you can use lvled up pussymon and Bri can use her warming and cooling spells out of battle, it would be nice if she could give even 5 heals out of battle a day. (5 being that the XP didn't rise in this game, keeping the healing to 10HP)

As for more cosmetic issues, I love what you did with the sex animations, though I do believe that the art would be a bit better if you added a layer of transparent liquid (pussy juice) on the cock starting at the second scene, and more animation on the pussymon's head, like having them bite their bottom lip on the second scene, adding rolling back their eyes on the third and gasping on the last scene to show that they are getting pleased as well and our boy is doing a good job.

Other than that, I just miss being able to play with Llepanny and Lizardish, but I get why they have been removed.

In any case, I think you've done an amazing job and amazing progress since episode 1 and look forward to having caught up.

it misses orgasms...and bigger animation loops

I realized their expression doesn't change when you fuck them in the ass or the pussy

SP3KTR3-X responds:

Yes, For now. But I'm gonna add more expressions, scenes and interactions for each Pussymon till the final version.

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Mar 17, 2017
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