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Samus is captured

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So here it is. There is also a version without dialog which you can watch here in case this one is not on your taste http://www.xvideos.com/video26950507/samus_is_captured_no_dialog_version_
I would say that it is an improvement from the last one but I want to know what you think abaout it. I see you want more sounds on my naimations but I'm not in the position where I can pay voice actors just yet.

And as always you can check out my tumblr blog and follow me there if you want to see images, gifs and short aniamtions that I'm not posting here. https://vicesfm.tumblr.com/

Also if you like what I do please consider supporting me on patreon. You get acces to patreon feed, 1080p videos, 4k images, and hq gifs for just $1 a month. https://www.patreon.com/vicesfm

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Lmao I just can’t get over the fact that the demon is a imp and a baron of hell from doom (2016)

Minor clipping issues, mostly with her bangs.

why the fuck is there a imp and a baron of hell fucking samus

Nice job, though the lower jaw doesn't look quite right during the blowjob.

Good work, and showing improvement steadily... :o)
Animation is maybe a little... (looks for good term)... sluggish? It's almost choppy, but that's not right either... Check it, and it could be a style question for what you're doing with the show, so it's okay... I believe it's worth pointing out. Some of the motion is nice and fluid, but slow... like every withdrawal with the (I'm calling him the satyr-demon) big second guy... Then he snaps to it (penetration)...
Okay, if the idea is to draw out the length of the guy to make a bigger deal of him, and still pursue punishing style sex for her captivity... You're really really close. It just "feels" a little "wonky" and mechanical... Not bad (so no I wouldn't reduce points or anything) just not sure it's what you're trying for...
Suggestion... Might consider building to a little more speed, enthusiasm, etc before giving the cumshot. Might also consider (and maybe we don't get to see without patreon) putting in the final part as he pulls out and she spills everything on the floor, down her legs, etc...
Similarly, with the first monster, as she chokes and he pulls out of her mouth, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get some "spillage" on her cheeks and nose (running up her face) for the visual fans...
And finally, audio... No, actually this isn't bad for what you've got. You included the wet slapping of Samus getting properly fucked, a few grunts and outcries... yeah, it's repetitive, but so is real honest to god sex. You're allowed to be a little repetitive, and there is a kind of shortage of audio for this kind of work...
Might consider some kind of background music for atmosphere, but all that can come in due time. Don't rush on account of reviews, just try to remember the things that help it.
You did really well with the belly bulge. It's still a bit primitive (regarding the bigger picture of the genre and available competition) but you're still working your way into this. You also remembered to include swelling from the big guy's ejac', so again... good job. Details do count, and you've kept up and grown pretty well here.
Just a thought for you, regarding audio. Have you considered poling the forums. Maybe post (and be honest about the project) but post a call for a few lines from a feminine lead with a cute voice. Remember to let aspiring VA's know there isn't money in this project, but it can build considerations for future work... when there could be real money going on. You could make a second post with the lines for a male lead (with the same guidelines) and let the VA's post links for you to hear their work with your lines. It might amount to a fair amount of wasted time, and a restrictive list of voices to work with, but even a short list of free stuff is better than nothing, right?
And you could get a fair list of talented names to consider for parts for future projects, even if they don't exactly "fit" your ideal for the current one. Don't forget to PM (at least) the VA responders you use with a 'thanks' for the help... and you might be surprised.
Anyways, it's just a suggestion... You could voice some of it yourself on Audacity (it's free and good)...
Again, you've got something going on with this one. You'll definitely get there from here, and you're not taking too much time about it.
Breathe, relax, and keep on keeping on... We'll all be looking forward to more out of you... :o)

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3.18 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2017
1:23 PM EDT

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