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-Made for Ludum Dare 36 - Ancient technology
Checking out an ibm pc with some old stuff, found a folder called "aRCANE".

Its contents (which you can now access through html5) seem to be some sort of drone controlling software.

Ive tried to trace the signal from my computer and it goes straight to the atmosphere so it might be sending some stuff to some place.

Graphics are advanced for its time on some part of the galaxy (made with an ancient/godlike tool call Aseprite).

Sound effects are lo-fi for amazing enjoyness (generated by the ol´ Labchirp).

And that´s all I have to say about this.


Use ARROW KEYS to move the DRONE & Z, X, C to access his functions.

M to mute the bastard (music was made with an old software called Figure for iOS).

F to Fullscreen/Full experience/Destroyer of eyes and ears.


Notes from the engine (a really old crappy software called C2)

***Save/Load game feature implemented last minute, i cant tell if it works, just try it***

***aRCANE is unballanced, i just set some random values***

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So this was a decent game you have here it has some nifty elements but at the sametime it needs much much interactivity on it it's kind of like an astroids type of game but as for some form of improvment I could see you adding more to this just needs more action stuff more interactivity for sure but anyways keep up the good work regardless hope to see more games like this one

Needs more stuff to do maybe some improved upgrades or a bonus round or something along them lines


[SPOILERS, This is a learn on your own game!]
Arrow Keys - Movement
Z - get on top of something to interact with it.
- Interacting with a black hole enough times makes it disappear and gives you some aRCANE gold
- Interacting with asteroids gives you some of a random mineral (Y, D, G)
X - Opens up the menu for you to buy four items: Black Hole, Exchange, Extractor, and Thruster Upgrade
- Black holes spawn naturally on the map and you can do two things with these: Kill for aRCANE Gold or turn into an Extractor
- Extractors are bought from the X Menu while you're on top of a black hole, these farm all minerals for you!
- Exchange You can buy multiple to stack the effect and btw dev(s) please allow the game to hold down the buy button because I have a serious excess of colored minerals. These /exchange/ colored minerals for aRCANE Gold!
- Thruster Upgrades just increase the speed of your ship. quite unnecessary when you start farming but whatevs.
C - This is a radar; Once you kill an objective, either a Black hole or Exchange, you activate this to find the next one randomly spawned somewhere on the map.

Kept me occupied for a good hour. The is just an exponentially growing farming game. People are saying they're having trouble farming the minerals and that gets easy when you create enough extractors either from self made blackholes or finding them by following the numbers at the top of the screen afterwards when you have enough material from searching the universe for blackholes you can create your own and just stay still and create blackholes on top of extractors (this causes lag if you go far enough ;) ) and level up your thruster. I kinda wanna get to the edge of the map but after 10,000 away from the next waypoint I gave up because my thrusters just weren't fast enough.

I don't get the goal of this game but I will give a 3 for no bug.

Amazing graphics and sound, but it does not feel like a game. Just a prototype. Could be something if you worked on it.

I like the feel of it but after shooting rocks for some time i was waiting for a space ship to show up that i could shoot. No luck.