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PAPERTHIN Sleep Paralysis

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Mar 14, 2017 | 10:18 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This short animation is based on a sleep paralysis experience i had lately.

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Thank God for this animation and many more to come.

Stay Blessed.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

First of all, on the animation, good work! You have a vivid story to tell with quality visuals and good audio that sync's up well, so you obviously know what you're doing.
Did notice a little something though... At the beginning, the "crickets" FX were a bit overbearing. Maybe you intended it to help with an unsettling sensation through audio, but I noticed a better volume control on the cricket sounds later on when they were reintroduced...
Might also suggest finding some kind of background musical work to build the atmosphere as you go... It doesn't have to be a complete song, but a score to work with... good audio can add whole new dimensions, and you've got the quality in recording needed to do that. It would be probably your greatest advancement for the least investment, and there's some good stuff around the music and audio side of NG (and some is free to use) if you look for it... or even if you get a little help looking for it...

On the actual sleep paralysis... As a lucid dreamer, myself, I have some reasonable understanding (admittedly kind of primitive) about it... So bear with me. Sometimes, when you're going to sleep, your eyes can close before your quite drifting off, and as that happens, you have a variation of "a waking dream". Now, normally, your body is already wired and programmed to be still when dreaming, so even if you do move a little, it's not much (generally). On rare occasions, the waking dream-state as you drift off can include the "vision" of your surroundings just like when your eyes are open, and it can last all the way to the sleep-state. Mostly this is completely tedious, and uneventful... BUT once in a while, whether stress makes it worse or sleep deprivation adds to it, you'll get involved with a nightmare scenario during the waking dream-state. This seems like what you're describing. You don't even realize you're nearing sleep, but since you were "technically dreaming" your mind put the mosquito net up in the view, and it was a fine excuse for the 'monster' not to be able to reach you. You weren't able to move because you were just at the edge of full-on sleep and that inability to move triggered even more of the nightmare... Eventually, you reached the usual ends for nightmare deals and woke back up, with the mosquito net missing as soon as your eyes opened, though you would perceive it vanishing in a blink. It actually happens a lot, AND for the faithful, prayer will work because a nightly prayer lets you vent frustrations, envision and create hope, and push away general "stressers" as some would call them... Thus when you pray consistently, you seem to avoid the sleep paralysis deal...
There's a more extreme version, in which a fully conscious person can seem to be completely paralyzed. In this situation, no one's really an expert, but they struggle and show signs of serious breathing distress. It feels like something heavy is holding you down and even choking you. I'm not entirely convinced on any of the theories on it, since I haven't actually experienced the extreme version myself.
And in case you wondered, Lucid dreaming is the practice of "hacking your own mind" so you can realize your dreaming and not just panic or wake up out of it. You can take control of the dream-scape (the world you've dreamed up) and interact with it rather like a video game or virtual reality... just that it's all in your own mind... So it's through experimentation that I've had some interesting dealings with what you've described. Either way, it's a good story, and a pretty good visual representation, so applause to you... :o)
Don't forget to breathe, relax, and keep on keeping on...

AguRex responds:

One question though. Every experience like always had 1 thing in common. Its always a nightmarish ordeal. If its really just a dream, why not a sleep paralysis that the person experience something pleasant... Something that seems like my regular dreams.

I have had this a dozen of times but this was the first time I saw a shadow figure.

Other times I experienced I just couldn't move for a while and I didnt feel any fear just heavy breathing.

Your explanation seems logical and I'll its what I experienced before but for this case... Its not.

I know this 3rd dimension we live in is not the only one.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Prayer won't help. A healthy diet and a regular work/sleep schedule will. I hope you'll get better soon. Nice dark style though!

AguRex responds:

Hmmm...prayer worked for me though. Since i pray before sleeping ive never had an experience like this. Sometimes i get sleep paralysis but no sence of fear , shadow figure or anything and when it over it feels like i was under water and i start gasping for air. Thanks a lot though.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Yeah, that's pretty much how it feels like. Your mind is half asleep, and you start to hallucinate.
Nice work on the lighting.

AguRex responds:

Hai.... Thanks. I almost skipped the lighting because I was feeling tried.Glad I stuck with it.