Deal With the Devil

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Something is Missing 10 Points

You've won, but with only part of your soul

Back From the Abyss 25 Points

You've lost your soul but won it back!

Beat the Devil 50 Points

You have won the game on your first play!

Salvation 50 Points

You have won the game with your soul intact!

Get Behind Thee Satan! 100 Points

You have won without pressing the deal button!

Soul Harvester 100 Points

You've won back your soul ... and then another!

Author Comments

Haunting the back halls of 20th Century amusement arcades, Deal With the Devil would appear for a scant few hours, long enough to harvest several souls before returning to whatever underworld it had sprung from.

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About as broken and as one-sided as you'd expect from dealing with the devil.

As a concept its cool, as a game its borderline unplayable because you cant win

I enjoy the concept of the game but I also suck and lose my soul EVERY. DAMN. TIME. But again, great concept.

Even a whole year later, this is still one of my favourite games on NG.

Am I the only one that knows how to win? It's not a game of chance!
Once everything lights up, watch him!
If his head moves up or down, the Salvation is where his WHOLE head moves at (if his head goes up, it's in the very top row. if down, very bottom.) after that, if there are 2 in that row, yes you have to guess.
If just his eyes twitch, it is either the innermost up or down respectively.
It works ALMOST all the time. Sometimes I don't pay attention.

Simple but extremely addictive. This game of chance keeps you on the edge of your toes the entire way through and there is nothing more frustrating then losing all of your soul on the last game and it is so satisfying when you finally have better luck than the devil himself.

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2017
12:38 AM EDT
Simulation - Other