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Deal With the Devil

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Something is Missing 10 Points

You've won, but with only part of your soul

Back From the Abyss 25 Points

You've lost your soul but won it back!

Beat the Devil 50 Points

You have won the game on your first play!

Salvation 50 Points

You have won the game with your soul intact!

Get Behind Thee Satan! 100 Points

You have won without pressing the deal button!

Soul Harvester 100 Points

You've won back your soul ... and then another!

Author Comments

Haunting the back halls of 20th Century amusement arcades, Deal With the Devil would appear for a scant few hours, long enough to harvest several souls before returning to whatever underworld it had sprung from.

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i don't think there are words that can briefly describe how much i absolutely adore this game, even after 4 years from its upload.
i've played the game time and time again back when i was a tad younger and even though it was a bit enraging for me and my lack of luck, it was still incredibly entertaining and it kept me wanting to try again and play more - so i suppose its purpose was fulfilled - and i also really like the fact that it relies on a placebo effect to keep you playing, at least lore-wise.
plus, unlike other people i've seen in the reviews, i've never had any issues with running the game, so there's that.

overall, a stellar game, kudos to you!

what do u do here

I played this when it first came out, won on my first try (unfortunatly wasnt logged in, so didnt get the trophy) and have never won since, but that first time proved its possible. little hint. it gives you less health on your next play so refresh the page for full health. also, it broke a while back and was bust for a few years, i was gutted. but 2021 has come, and its working again! yay!. i remember talking to the creator once about how cool it would be to see a fully working real life version of this. wooden box, tin satan head, clicks n squeaks, the whack. and we both thought it would be cool. can you imagine walking into a bar one day and seeing this in the back of a dimly lit corner, just sitting there, staring at you. it would be so cool. anyway, im glad its working again. now i can finally try and win.....for the second time since it came out.

Stilll works, great for a group of freinds

looks cool, but broken

Credits & Info

3.49 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2017
12:38 AM EDT