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Lovely Box is our newest stats-driven boxer. Our first match is live and we wanted to share it here. Take on Laser Lina, KO her three times to win and watch your girl celebrate the horny way!

Depending on which stats you dump your points into no two fights will ever be the same. Each stat is powerful on its own, but try the combinations!

Lovely box is different than our other boxing games because it's got voyeur content BUILT INTO THE FIGHTING. See a sexy animation you like? Turn on LOOPING and it will play forever- and pause your progress in the boxing match.

This game is playable here beginning to end but the full version at www.barbarianbabes.com features four additional scenes with the girls knocked into the ropes and the corners for extra punishment.


Lovely Box, where the girls are hot and the points don't matter.
But in all honesty, I feel like half of the points don't seem to make much of a difference unless you invest almost exclusively in them. I tried maxing each stat out individually to see the effect and applicability, but like GDRocker and PPE2 alluded to, some stats are utterly useless and unless you invest at least 5 points in Accuracy, you're not going to be hitting much. After that, solo Speed, Dodge, or to a lesser extent Defense and Power, are useful.
However, all Super seems to do is make sure every other hit or so takes out a 20% of your opponents health... with a fifty:fifty chance of resulting in Rage retaliation, taking out 25% of your health (even with key clicking speed).
Stamina doesn't seem to do much other than make you take perhaps 10% less damage per hit by maxing it out, which I suppose is beneficial if you're looking to win a bear-hug breast fight (I'd love for the tit-fight to cause less damage per impact but last longer to balance it out. A close up of the action would be most appreciated as well.)

Also, something I meant to add to my Mix n' Match review, but is actually more applicable here (and somewhat applicable to the Foxy Box Water Match), is that I feel like having a visual representation of how many knock down's each woman has achieved would be good. As opposed to the Water Match's skull and crossbones, perhaps have both competitors start with a two piece bikini (a nice cosmetic reward for winning would be to unlock different outfits), and each knockdown result in the removal of one piece. One knock down for the top, two for the bottoms, and three for KO.

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It's incredibly simplistic, and a complete button-masher. All you really need to win the match almost every time is a quick trigger finger (or an auto-clicker of some kind).

Also, for having seven stats which you play up to each be incredibly important, only three of them actually matter in the long run:
- ACCURACY: Can't win if you don't land hits, right? It pretty much goes up on a linear scale, maxing out its effectiveness at 15 or so points. At the base of 2, you're only hitting about once out of every seven punches.
- DEFENSE: Again, like accuracy, defense scales up in a linear fashion. At the base, you won't defend whatsoever, but at around 10 points, you will never fail to block an attack against you.
- SPEED: For every point in this stat, she'll regenerate her attack power by that amount for every 5 guard power spent.

The other four stats are as follows:
- SUPER: Effectively useless. You have approximately the same chance of dealing a "super attack" with a special animation every so often no matter how many points you dump into this; the only thing this stat appears to do is increase the chance that Lina will be able to get free damage off on you with her "rage attack" (read: repeated cunt-punches).
- DODGE: Even with all 19 bonus points invested in this skill (for a total for 21), your character still manages to get hit at least 50% of the time, if not more. I see no reason to increase this stat under any circumstance.
- POWER: While not useless, it really has little bearing on the match, mostly only causing punches to use more of your attack power at a time. Arguably useful, but by no means necessary.
- STAMINA: Basically your health... but if you're always either attacking or blocking, you should rarely ever get hit.

This should guarantee that at least two-thirds of your attacks hit. If Lina starts to attack you in the middle of one of your chains, or if you run out of attacking strength, you can defend flawlessly and gain back at least half of your attack power for an equal amount of guard power (5 guard = 5 attack). You should beat every match with full health almost every time, barring an unlucky rage attack from Lina.
What I call the "auto-clicker method". You will never miss a punch, and you'll hit like a truck while Lina never gets a chance to attack. Aim for the tits every time, and you should have just enough attack power to get through every round with a few lucky shots (even with no special attacks, I can end a round with 16 attack power left).

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BarbarianBabes responds:

That's a great review! As for the numbers- Dodge gets up to around 66% chance to dodge, which is pretty high! Super definitely has a huge impact- if you watch every third hit or so will be super with a ton of points into it- but you run the risk of a counter; this can be worth it with Super combined with high Power score.

You forgot one aspect of SPEED which is you increase your unblockable hit chance- ie the chance she lands a quick uppercut or double fisted body blow. Your stat choice is interesting i tend to invest nothing in defense, just lots of accuracy and power will crush her fast if you juggle offense points- you still regen offense while defending even if she can't block a hit to save her life haha.

PM me if you'd like to check out the full version, would love your feedback.

Sometimes the opponent begins a sequence of attacks and the hitbox either disappears or moves weirdly, because she becomes next to impossible to hit back at while she slowly lands punch after punch on me. Plus I rarely got any of the special options, even when putting more points into that stat, plus, some of them hurt me almost as they do my opponent. What's so special about that?

BarbarianBabes responds:

sounds like you're out of offense points. when that happens try clicking your own boxer to put her on defense, when she blocks a shot you'll have a window to hit back.

I love the graphics and the girls but I want sex not them beating each other.

BarbarianBabes responds:

Barbarian Babes is all about catfighting. if you want porn there's about a billion sites out there for it.

Fantasy not fact, but anyway:

Bit brutal, as you'd expect. (Would be nice if the girls could wear a headguard and nothing else ... :o) )

Not sure whether I like the cuntpunching rage Lina sometimes catches Cyndi in from time to time. The orange button doesn't seem to get Cyndi out of this death-cycle. Cheeky, though ...

Thoughts, positive and negative:

+1) artwork and animation generally good - sexy beasts with sexy breasts - although see - 1).

+2) sexy, the girls' grunting and groaning ... and the crowd yelling adds to the atmosphere

+3) the occasional sudden view from between the legs is disconcerting - to put it bluntly, my eye strays to the cunt, rather than the fight - but sexy

+4) the breast-barging face-off is fun

+5) Lina's knockdown punch (visibly flipping Cyndi's tit up)... :o)

+6) easily the sexiest part of the whole little game is if Cyndi actually LOSES. The triumphant Lina posing is good - but how she pins her losing opponent down, breasts pushing her flat, and is about to enjoy Cyndi's helplessly spread cunt with her hand is quite rousing. (And better than Cyndi idly fingering herself if SHE wins, does not get to enjoy the absent Lina ....)

This probably tells you a) all the punching is not really what interests me; but also might suggest b) you have made losing the best fun for the player - probably not your intention.

Negatives - just in my view, but something you might consider:

-1) the big shapely tits are great in most places. However, to me they don't hang/loll quite right when the girl is floored (too much like stuck-on globes, no convex rolling feminine contour), or during the cuntpunch rage that Lina can catch Cyndi in. (Same problem.)

-2) crowd noise good - but you might add a few ribald yells for good measure? ;)

-3) personally, I'd like some vaginal lubricant in there - added, or natural. (And indeed, pubic hair to make it glisten.) But no doubt a matter of taste - you appear to like bodies clinical!

-4) I wonder if there could be a throw-the-towel-in option. Not just in case the girls get excited as in -3 ..... but to stop further punishment (and allow Lina her manual victory ....)

-5) Personally, it's a pity the victory ends in hand position. Penetration would be a sweeter victory surely, whether fingers or strap-on. But there we go - maybe not your cup of tea!

I suppose I am saying I am keener on maximum sex and the fight only as an enabling device, so maybe I am not your target audience!

And in case anyone thinks: "look it's fantasy play, don't take the fight or the sexual element too literally" - yes, I know! :o)

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Mar 12, 2017
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