The Crucifixion of Jesus

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Parody about the crucifixion of Jesus , it's seems like he's not that fond of dying for our sins. The true story.

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absurd and stupid and beautiful animation

Good quality of animation, but..

I don't think it's that edgy to make fun about Christ anymore, in current political climate it's like beating a dead horse.

Dare to make a similar movie about Mohammad? Do you have balls for it? Or you cut them off like proper modern PC leftists? I can assure you there is a lot of material for a funny parody in the life of Camel piss drinker. You are sure to find true fame and popularity if you do that.

I liked it! I think the idea of Jesus swearing on the cross is unsettling but that's kind of what art is, I guess. The "cut his balls off" piece was juvenile but it worked and was very well executed comedically. And the animation seemed pretty smooth. Not bad.

I have soft-spot for claymation (the quality kind at that) and every character was well written. Except for Jesus himself. It came off cringy and childish to the point were even as satire it didn't humor me. Why even try to be clever or funny if it sounds like a middle schooler came up with the idea of "What if Jesus cussed.."

The claymation was done pretty well. 2 out of 4 characters were well written. premise was there, plot was lacking, and the ending is overused. Why is this popular? You have Jesus swearing, nothing "funny" or memorable said by the main character except motherf***. Satire brings attention to what you want to change in society. Judging by this you want adult swim to close its doors.