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Skyline - The Petina Lee Story

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The planet of Sidonia is being mercilessly and unexpectedly attacked by its neighbour Phoenicia. Caught in the firing line, Petina Lee's family has been kidnapped and it's up to her to scale the city's skyline to get them back. Save the people? Save your family? The choice is yours...

Keyboard: Arrow keys - Left/Right/Duck/Point Up, Z - Switch Weapon, X - Jump, C - Attack

Gamepad: LB/Y - Switch Weapon, A - Jump, X - Attack

A simple retro game blogger - I've attempted to create a game that isn't completely awful. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and if you want to join me on my quest (I'll need artists, sound artists, testers, anyone with a gaming mind) please contact me through the site www.arcadeattack.co.uk or twitter @arcadeattackUK or @skylinegame

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gotta go with the anime right?

the game seem good, with differenced mechanics when using weapon, i got a problem when get stuck in switch area, can't hit it and the hammer attack fail a lot if i drop the attack button (need hold it to complete the attack).

sugest: improve the attack command like 1 click 1 full attack or hold to attack repeatedly, check that switch...

art 4/5
music 4/5
gameplay 5/5
get stuck at beginning ._./5

arcadeattack responds:

Thanks for the kind words xpale! I think I've found what you mean, hopefully you will like the next version of the game!

The game is interesting, but there are some serious problems that need to be addressed.
- For the second choice where you can continue trying to save the rest of the factory workers, if you go in the elevator, die soon after getting on, and then try and go back to that spot, the elevator will not have come back down, making it impossible to continue down this path.
- For the "boss battle" where you just got the laser gun, if you use up the laser gun without killing the boss, you can't reload it so it is impossible to kill the boss (even dying doesn't reset the ammo).

There may very well be other problems so I'd suggest going through the game again to see for yourself.

As for the gameplay, I enjoyed moving forward through the game, but it seemed like things happened without explanation, like the train separating. I was focusing on killing the enemies only to find the train moving apart when I got to that point. Also, killing enemies just wasn't very satisfying as it didn't provide me with anything, but an arbitrary score (if the enemies provided me with ammo or health, it would give me incentive to fight them, otherwise, I'd try and avoid them). Also, relating to that point, the combat is lacking and kind of annoying; if you try to attack standing still, but then move slightly, it cancels the animation and attack, causing the enemy to hit you.

I will say the game isn't awful and I would certainly like the play the rest of it. I hope to see more games from you in the future. Good luck!

(by the way, you say in the description "if you want to join me on my quest please contact me", what would you need help doing?)

arcadeattack responds:

Thank you - this is exactly the type of feedback I need! Thanks for pointing out those bugs and for those suggestions - I could really do with good testers for my next projects if you're interested? Email me arcadeattack@outlook.com. Dylan

The game was cool, but you could improve the graphics. The backstory was really well drawn and god, i don't know why you didn't implement those graphics into the game, or something like them.

arcadeattack responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! I ran out of money which meant I couldn't source the sprites from the same artist and did a lot myself (I'm not an artist). Hopefully I will re-visit this game in the future and be able to get enough funding to recreate the style the whole way through.

no is bad but the time load is so long

arcadeattack responds:

Thank you for the kind words! Regarding the loading, I made some errors with the PNG files and some are too big - which makes it load slower than it should :(

Credits & Info

3.14 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2017
9:30 AM EST