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Fight and outsmart enemies in a lightweight but deep tactical combat gameplay.
Put down the prisoner outbreak for the REDCLIFF CORPORATION during the cataclysmic events on mars.

--- PATCH 1 ---
- IMPORTANT: Some players might loose the "cleared level" state on some levels. your player level progress is safe though.

- Fixed the doctor not dealing damage
- Improved Particles
- Fixed bug where damage/buffs didnt show when a target is hit

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It's fine, but not my cup of tea.

A fun "X-Com style" game, with turn based tactics. For the most part: I found it to be well done with decent graphics.

I did have some glitches when advancing, and the tendency for enemy units to show up with your last movement was annoying, especially when combined with the ground dropping behind. (If the ground is collapsing, why bother sending a team in to kill the prisoners before they are killed by the collapse?)

Another minor annoyance is the way the animation for breathing looks like the guy is going to hurl, or is bowing in a respectful manner to someone off screen. (Except that he also bends his knees to breath?) Maybe add some animation moving his arms instead of making him look like he needs to find a bathroom?

Game play wise: I would have liked to have leveled up the characters instead of unlocking higher level versions of them as I level up.

Overall this was pretty well done, and a bit of fun to be had from a flash game.

Had fun, the lack of sound was odd to me, but there was a good start here, that reminded me of the Xcom games, which definitely has an audience that many games have not been able to tap into. Happy to see what may come of this game, and I even did a video review here.

dynamitewhale responds:

thank you very much for playing. We're glad you like it :)
Just in case you haven't seen it yet: We now have sound!!

This looks like it could be a legit game if it had more of everything. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

The gameplay is great, I don't see a lot of quality turn based games so this was a pleasant surprise.The only reason I'm not rating this higher is the lack of any kind of sound, which I find quite jarring. I think even having sounds for clicking different menu items, selecting team members etc would be a huge improvement because that kind of interface feedback is really important. I think if you add the sound elements this will definitely become my new favourite online game.

dynamitewhale responds:

Thank you corpsey, I'm glad to hear that you like it.
The missing sound has been brought up a lot and we are actually working on that right now :)