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A bigger fish 5 Points

Destroy a cruiser ship

Getting cocky 5 Points

Destroy a battle ship

One-off 5 Points

Destroy a speed ship

Onslaught 5 Points

Fight against 30 ships at the same time

Powered up 5 Points

Make your first upgrade

Start your engines 5 Points

Play for the first time

Another chance 10 Points

Try again after being defeated

Block this! 10 Points

Destroy an energy ship

Barrager 25 Points

Get the max upgrade of the rockets

Boomstick 25 Points

Get the max upgrade of the shotgun

Crusader 25 Points

Get the max upgrade of the cannons

Dangerous 25 Points

Destroy an elite battle ship

Not so fast 25 Points

Destroy an elite speed ship

Persistent 25 Points

Try again 15 times

Pi 25 Points

Get more than 31415 points

Superhot 25 Points

Get the max upgrade of the machinegun

A matter of time 50 Points

Survive at least for 2 minutes

Backstabber 50 Points

Destroy a cannon ship

Cold war 50 Points

Destroy a war fan ship

Over the top 100 Points

Be the best of All-Time at least once

Author Comments

Asterash is a fast-paced bullet hell which features permadeath, upgrades, highscores and more!
Play complete different rounds over and over against hundreds and hundreds of enemies in seek of the best highscore in Newgrounds.
Each time you start a game, you will recieve a random level 1 weapon. You will be able to carry up to two weapons and upgrade each one of them up to three levels. But choose wisely and be careful, dying means to start over.
There are a lot of different enemies with different mechanics that will spawn in higher quantities as your score becomes higher. Move carefully around the space while firing in order to survive the longest.
Every once in a while, a special hazzard will also show up: Avoid asteroids, move around clouds or try to survive while sunflares block your view.
But above everything, remember that YOU must be the best player! Get the highest highscore of all time, at least for a second, and win the so much desired "Over the top" medal!
Asterash features an original score by CoreWars. https://soundcloud.com/corewarsofficial
Asterash was powered by Framework Mono. http://monoflauta.com/portfolio/frameworkstools/framework-mono/
-Added a dead sound
-Added a custom cursor
-Added an option to make the background darker
-Added an option to hide songs
-Added an option to hide medal pop ups
-Changed the name of the Missiles to Rockets


This game is really fun with nice music and graphics, but the main thing that really irks me is that my ship is incredibly difficult to control with the mouse--there's very little room for subtlety. Normally when I play bullet hells, I use the arrows on the keyboard which allows for much more flexibility. Everything with the mouse is just really jerky and I keep running into bullets with the slightest shake of the mouse. But if that doesn't bother you I can see why this would be a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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Fast paced and immense fun. LOve the music. Basically awesome game

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MonoFlauta responds:

A big thank to you from us!

Seriously only one life!!! for anything else is a good game with good music.

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MonoFlauta responds:

Hello! Yes, sorry about that but our goal was to make a really difficult game with an arcade feeling! Other than that, glad you like it and thanks for playing!

This was pretty good. I have a few problems, though. The first thing is that when enemies get into a line, they are incredibly hard to attack. The background isn't that bad when it comes to enemy fire, but I often get my shots mixed up with the enemy's. That being said, it is super addictive and it got me to play.

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MonoFlauta responds:

Hello! First of all, thank you for playing our game!
About the enemies get into line, one possible strategy to that is to focus them first. Or to keep moving all the time. (I guess you are talking about the quick ones). Also, you can always just avoid them but they will close your movement space till they go.
For the enemy fire, we just released a new update that lets you make the background darker. If you want, try it out and check if the problem is solved. If not, please pm me and we will probably change the bullets colour for the next update.
Thanks a lot for playing and for the review!

I know some people like difficult games but for me the one hit death thing just stopped me from getting into it. With more lives or a shield this could be something I'd like.

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MonoFlauta responds:

We understand though we wanted to make it more like an arcade game. Anyway, thanks for trying out the game and for the review! :D

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Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2017
7:29 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight