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Run as fast as you can, cross the obstacles, jump, shoot and go as far as you can !!

Good luck!!

Note: Demo version. (Beta) available for PC only.


I'm not sure why you uploaded it already, newgrounds is for finished games, not betas.
The game itself needs some music, and better hitdetection, the hitbox feels rather big right now. Some story or context would be nice too.
The graphics are really nice, and the sound effects are fine too.
The score in the end is NaN but that's probably because the game isn't finished.
When you finish the game, make sure you submit it in English. I think that might even be one of the rules when submitting on newgrounds.

DurzanTwo responds:

Thanks for the tips and criticism !! Already been working in relation to the sound ... and the score to be NaN is a bug that happened ... because in my pc it is showing right !! There are other bugs that I'm already aware of and working to launch an update as soon as possible !!! Thank you so!!

Functional but extremely buggy.


- nice graphics
- mostly responsive controls


- there is no description of the controls..rookie mistake
- no English language option (at least I saw none)
- jumps sometimes land you inside a platform (glitch)
- the randomizer sometimes places zombies on platforms you just jumped to so you cannot jump over them..instant death.
- no music...little to no sounds

I cannot even test it further because I think zombies simply break this game. You always have to double jump to get over them and the hitbox detection is atrocious.

Keep working on it, this is really a beta version.

I don't know exactly if I'm to blame but I seem to either have an extremely delayed reaction or something resembling a glitch. Either way, it seems that I did not enjoy my stay here.
Good day to you~

No music, game is pretty buggy

DurzanTwo responds:

Yes, I'm aware of bugs. Working on an att for fix !! Because it is still in beta version

Pretty good. Just need music, and maybe work a little on the hit boxes for the characters. Might add some new things as they get further in distance to add to difficulty. True it is a robot unicorn attack style game, but the added feature of the shurikan throw can make the game a little better. Keep evolving it with more features, and it might go pretty far.

DurzanTwo responds:

Thanks, I'm already working on updates, I intend to put more characters ... a specific enemy for each scenario, and specific music for each scenario too ... thanks for the tips. =)

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2.69 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2017
8:46 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun