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Mar 9, 2017 | 12:38 AM EST

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I notice you guys prefer layer animation over frame by frame on New grounds because your eyes are too shitty to tell the different between layer animation n frame by frame and would much rather see layers moving up n down at 30+fps than frames done separably at 10 FPS

Now I see why ego raptor hates you retards :p
And why Zone tan's shitty layer animations get fame



Rated 0 / 5 stars

I-i don’t understand..


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Smooth frame by frame truly is a thing of the past. FXF is a lot of "work" while layering is "content". I suppose you can't really blame this younger generation, they've been bred and designed to consume as much as possible, as fast as possible for companies and corperations to make more profits. Try to make a teenager pay attention to ANYTHING for longer than 3 and a half minutes, and you'll see what i mean. Even if its something involving their safety, like zipline traning (i'm an instructor) they're incapable of complete focus. Everything is designed to distract these days. But FXF will always be appreciated by the true fans. Hell look at the Tarna suit up scene in that old Heavy Metal movie and tell me FXF isn't worth the effort.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I wish I had the understanding of animation to give a better review, but I can see promising creation in the future long. I can't confidently give a realistic opinion though as I'm unsure from the Author comments what this is meant to be. Just a piece of work placed out or some type of message that there is a disliking about how to create something. Again, I'm ignorant on behalf about animation.

I wanted to leave a review to say that there is promising future designs that I'm hoping to see. Now if I had to give an honest review aside from my own opinion about a inconvenient confusion, the flare of her head I'm unsure if its meant to be lights or fire. Pretty neat, but distraction to the eyes. Pulls away from the animation of the person and focuses more on the animation of the flare.

Still, despite this its not a bad animated creation. Could be ideal in understanding more-so about the proper frames in regards to body movement with animating. Feels more like a tool for learning then the usual perverted-skit for people to enjoy. Not that I can view this as porn in any way; again, due to just having breasts reveal, I can even say the Mature section be more appropriate then the adult.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I see the stick headed for the hornet's nest in comments... But, I'm going to say that I just prefer a frame-rate about 15fps. Having studied visual arts (on my time and dime) for several years, I've found that 10 is just a little 'sluggish' (a more appropriate and useful term) to my eye. Admittedly, I have fairly quick eyes, but at 15 the motions are genuinely fluid enough to be indiscernible to most from higher frame-rates without some unusual context involved.
In general, a preference for layered or full frame animation kind of depends on what's being done. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Layers are quicker, give higher frame-rates, and can still be contained in smaller files on their own. BUT full frame animations can be cut and spliced a zillion ways without losing much of anything that can't be repaired. Either choice can eventually reach a moot point on how much excessive trouble an animator gets into with the craft... So it's a matter of what short-cuts you allow yourself to take...
BTW (word of advice) animation is enough of a pain in the backside as it is. Don't make it any more complicated or harder on yourself than you have to. If you see an easy short-cut no one else will notice, use it.
On this, it's more just a little short and silent. Admittedly audio can be awkward to collect for this kind of thing, but it's going to sell the shot so much better. Even at the 15 fps rate for a little more natural look and feel to it, it should go on toward something more. I do hope you can let ego-raptor hate if that's his choice. You've got a good style, and you're clearly talented. I (for one) would like to see what you can do if you drop the metaphoric chips off your shoulder and focus on selling the audience something worthy of carrying your name and pride.
Zone-tan is funny on several levels and that's as much as sexually everything that sells her... (at least to me)...
The best use of layers would be in the context of the "ninja action" series. (you want to know the truth)... But that's mostly for the shortcut to actually get it done sometime in the next... year? decade?... Lolz...
Enuf picking... :oP Don't forget to breathe, relax, and keep on keeping on. Animators animate...
...right? :o)

DatKitty responds:

All honesty, I hate layer animation, believe me, I'm pretty sure my eyes are good too, I play at 144+ fps with a 144hz 24 inch 1ms screen and I'm currently in the top 10 rust players globally, hopefully getting into rust esports. But aside from good eyes, I can't see layer animation the same ever again, it just looks like images moving differently and rarly changing images, reminds me of family guide or south park style animation. I want to excell only in frame by frame and I'm currently only using a zowie mouse and cs3 flash pro along with cs3 after effects.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

this is alright. probably would have given an additional star if you didn't insult your audience in the description and comments lol. i feel as a creator when addressing your audience there should be some professionalism. some things i would suggest your art style could be refined a tad bit more. id be a little more specific but i don't really know many artistic terms. it just seems off in a sense. i do like frame by frames however yours seemed not as smooth and more choppy then other frame by frame artists. i would love to see more of your work and see you improve as an artist. last word of advise you will lose more fans and gain more enemy's by insulting, demeaning, and making fun of the general audience.

DatKitty responds:

Dude, it's true, Ego raptor was right, people prefer layer animation over frame by frame which is a complete FU to frame by frame animators who work 10x harder than lazy ass layer animators, The reason why people like me and him are honest, not insulting, is because people mostly judge on higher frame rate and think they know what choppy means, In all honesty, I'm an honest person, don't like it? I don't need fans who prefer liars who cover up what they feel deeply. I'm just doing it sooner than later to save me the mercy.