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With no options left you decide to play the stranger's twisted game. If you win, you will have more money than you can imagine, but if you lose...only death awaits you.

Due to the difficulty of the game, I've updated it to now have two different difficulties called Normal and Challenge. Challenge difficulty is the original difficulty of the game when it was released. Normal difficulty has shortened the game and made item finds more favorable for the player.

Best played in Full Screen with Headphones.

Further instructions can be found by clicking the "Instructions" button in the top right corner of the screen.

Created by:
Brian Pickens @BrianPickens53
Blake Pickens @BlakePickens
Micah Sparks @MdawgSparkboss


Hard and interesting

That was amazing. I've never really seen this concept handled this way before. I know it's just a flash game, but I'm curious about the type of world these characters live in that this such a thing is allowed by any law. Seeing the killer is so rich as to offer that much money if you win, maybe he pays off the law?

Apologies. I am just so in love with the concept of this game. The only real thing I can complain about is the text boxes looking a bit like early newgrounds, but everything else is so overwhelmingly amazing that it doesn't detract from much. Keep improving!

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BrianPickens53 responds:

Thanks for playing! I had a backstory/world in my head when I was making this game that didn't come through as much as I had hoped it would. I actually ended up cutting off an entire beginning to the game because it was out of scope for the size of game I was trying to make. The overview of the story to this game is that there is a particularly rich person in the world who of course has very psychotic tendencies. He goes around looking for people who have fallen on financial hardship, and offers them a way out. If they play his game and win, they get the money they need. If they lose, then well they die. So every player of the game is technically a volunteer and is not being forced to play this game. Also to play the game they must agree to the rules, which include anonymity. If they break this rule and try to tell people about the game, then their life is forfeit.

You are correct that the text boxes are ugly. No one on the team has super awesome art skills so we just went with what we could do.

Ok the gameplay is really nice and challenging, it was worth playing, although the scare is too loud and too cute.
I couldn't do it, but yeah, good game.

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BrianPickens53 responds:

Thanks for playing! I agree that the scare is probably to loud, and if I do an update I will make it less awful; however, I think the cuteness is right where it needs to be :)

I really liked the games concept and I love that you actually are realistic with it and it take time to get places. I really loved that people left notes some were helpful. Anyways I look forward for more games from you.

BrianPickens53 responds:

Thanks for playing! I am happy you enjoyed the game!

Very unique flash game. Newgrounds never had a game that you ran away from the killer that you can't kill except Infantata, but that a 8 bit flash game instead of a text game. I enjoy the music it make the game feel tense also the staircase picture look scary. Unfortunately it become very repetitive by day 6 am glad you reduce the day to 21, but it need to be reduce to 14 or 10 for normal at least. I did beat the game once I tried again to see what happens if I took the ID, but die at day 5 plus it frustrated to die and start over maybe it would be a good idea to have a item to save your progress or autosave every 5 days. It would be nice instead of trying to survive certain amount of days to instead solve puzzles though. Also am not sure how many doors are opens for you, but since their are only 20 rooms maybe it would be a good idea to have 2 to 4 doors open at any time since in my 2nd play though I check 3 floors 15 rooms and their were all lock and the killer kill me. To me I feel when using the staircase their should be a small chance to lose the killer since I always use the elevator to avoid raising my hunger. I really only use the staircase when I heard a noise and listen to the staircase, so I assume the killer in the elevator coming to my floor. Thank again though for making this game though

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BrianPickens53 responds:

Thanks for playing!

It was really hard to decide on how many days the player needed to survive to complete the game. Originally I had it at 31 days because on most of the playtests the player survived around 30-34 days, which I found was super difficult once I released it to a wider audience. I dropped it down to 21 days because you are correct that 31 days is crazy, but I thought that between 10-14 would be to easy. I'm still in debate about 21 days as well, but at least it fits better with the title. I also considered adding saving, but I though that it would go against the core concept of the game. Its a game about it being all or nothing, and it is an annoyance when you die, but it definitely raises up the stakes and creates more panic.

I stayed away from puzzles in this one because I wanted it to be completely about survival. I think puzzles would have pulled the player out of the cat and mouse frame of mind that the game tries to create.

It sounds like you were super unlucky when it comes to 3 floors being all locked. At any point in time the game has at least 3 doors unlocked. It appears that they just all happened to be on the one floor you weren't able to check.

I like your thoughts on using the staircase to lose the killer. I may add something like that if I do another major update to the game.

Thanks for all of the feedback!

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3.64 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2017
5:15 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click
  • Daily 2nd Place March 10, 2017