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Checked out the Talent 5 Points

Looked at the Credit Page

Scrape off the dirt... 0 Points

Cleared 25% of the Picture

UpVote! 5 Points

Went to the Steam Greenlight Page!

Doodled in the Corners... 0 Points

Cleared 75% of the Picture

Wiped off the Rust... 0 Points

Cleared 50% of the Picture

Read the Story. 0 Points

Cleared 100% of the Picture, and Cleared the Level

Author Comments

A First-Level Beta for a project currently on Steam Greenlight.

An ancient book of scripture has been donated to your lab.

Use a team of Microbots to restore the pages of the text, and uncover the story hidden in the pages... Destroy the dirt and rust, upgrade and utilize the bots in different ways and keep control of your energy levels.

Vote for the full game on Steam Greenlight!

UPDATE: Re-upload due to issue with Newgrounds API Plugin, comment if you run into any more issues...


I like the concept but man this is broken. I can't buy any upgrades when I place the first turret down.

"Press any key to return"/"Press ctrl to return" - you should remove one of those.
Also the game is kinda boring - no real action, the breaking of the blocks is too slow (also it took me some time to figure out I should be breaking them). The idea of improvement is nice - I don't understand what each upgrade does, but it's still nice. On the other hand the energy thingy is easy to undestand and easy to obtain.
Again, nice concept but would use some improvement and maybe action.

You have a bug with you upgrade menu not allowing to return to game, fix it and I'll definately play through it.

1. The medals are not working.
2. Since the game seems to take some time you need to implement an option to save progress.
3. There is a desperate need for an ability to pick and relocate already placed turrets.
The game itself has a potential, but you need to develop it in the right way.

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VFHolloway responds:

Hi HerbieG,

I've updated the plugins so the medals should work now, and i'll try to include save options in the full game.

It looks interesting and I gave it a fair enough score being in development and all that, however once I open the upgrades screen I can't seem to close it.

Edit before submitting: Ok so I figured out CTRL closes the upgrades screen but it doesn't say that anywhere on it, I only figured that out once I hit every key on my keyboard first. It also obviously is a bit simple and slow for a start but overall well done. A minor bug I noticed, if you are up against a block and not facing it, you can't turn towards the block, you have to drive away then turn back.

Anyways good luck :)

VFHolloway responds:

Thanks man, i'll make those changes

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Credits & Info

2.25 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2017
1:15 PM EST
Strategy - Artillery