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Author Comments

I took one of my favorite arcade games and turned it into a flash game. This is my best work so far, I worked on it for 2 days, and I even added custom sound effects and derpy arcade music.

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How do I start?

BlueBalloonNetwork responds:

click the quarter

Not much of a game and not much of a tune (very short).

1 for the graphics
1 star for the blow-my-brains-out tune :)
0.5 star because it is functional (yes..on Newgrounds this is really something nowadays)

BlueBalloonNetwork responds:

Hahaha ya, I wrote that in a minute on garage band. Something I learned from doing this project was attaching sound to movie clips. I definitely want to redo the music on this. Thank you for your generosity :)

Keep trying.

BlueBalloonNetwork responds:

will do!

Seems to be pretty good about stopping at right time. A few things it could use:

- Ticket/win count -.5
It would be nice to actually see how many tickets we've won. If you keep track of the tickets, you could also throw this into a sort of "rewards shop" where we could customise/change certain aspects of gameplay, or... you know... get a rabbit, just for the heck of it.

- High Scores Table -.3
If'n the people be getting rabbits, then it goes without saying that people be wanting to know who has the most rabbits.

- Proper formatting for money -.2
This is a rather small point, but it tends to irk me when money doesn't take on a $dd.cc type of format, i.e. cents always shown. It's not particularly difficult to do in the scheme of things, and without it, things just feel... sloppy.

To me anyway.

- Money already spent check... -1.5
Currently, it is possible to repeatedly add quarters without first stopping the wheel. Ideally, this should not happen *unless* adding more quarters actually serves some purpose, such as increasing the number of tickets you can win, or system keeps track of how many times you can spin. At the moment, the latter most certainly is not the case... as I threw in $10.00 worth of my money, hard earned as a lemur masseur in Madagascar (someone has to do it), and all I got was one lousy spin! :o

Joking aside, this is a bit sloppy. If this kind of quarter swallowing behavior happened in an actual arcade, people would not be happy.

- That extra personal touch -0
Apart from the ticket having your name and website on it, there is not much to really show you've left your mark on this product. For example, you might decide "I want to instill a little of my humor into the game", so you make money limited such that when you run out there is a "beg mom for more money" option. Adding in an operatic number where we actually get to watch the player beg his mother for more money... would be pretty hilarious (perhaps a step too far, but that's where I live). Suffice it to say, this is not "your" personal touch, but I'm sure you can find ways to let your personality shine through.

5 - 2.5 = 2.5

Design complexity: 1.5/10

(2.5 + 1.5) / 2 = 2 stars (Before you say it, yes, I am aware that this rating system is weird)

BlueBalloonNetwork responds:

Dude, you are so awesome! Thanks for this great review, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I'd send a banana gift basket to Madagascar if I could.

Not bad. Cute concept, actually winnable with some patience. Would be cool if this were like a full arcade and you could actually get something with the tickets.

BlueBalloonNetwork responds:

Thank you! That's my next goal. It shouldn't be too hard to add those. Should the prizes be really cool, or should I be a troll and only have really stupid prizes? As a user, did you find the ticket sound?