Dragon Ass Ball

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It has potential. However, with limited animation and stock pictures, you will not win over the Newgrounds crowd. Please don't be discouraged. The only way to get better is to keep creating.

This is just a different skin on that crappy Jabba's sex palace game a while back. The gameplay is weak and confusing, and the art style doesn't made up for it. Definitely keep trying though because otherwise you'll never improve, just don't expect many patreons.

I believe our fellow Newgrounders just couldnt figure out the game and even so, it would still be nice to get some guide lines, I also agree with Civildeviation

Needs some fine tuning around artwork, sounds, and gameplay elements though the idea of a DBG game with this twist is great! For instance, after winning it might be good to have some brief dialogue as quickly switching to tentacle rape makes for a messy transition especially given Freeza's overly talkative personality.

As for my peers, maybe we should encourage in a critically supportive way rather than attack out of self-inflicted indignation. Wont have many folks producing games that could improve over time if we attack em all.

terrible game.dont waste your time