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BigEyes Story

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When the dark matter came to my planet, it destroyed everything i have known. We were very happy before that, my planet was white and shinny. But in a blink of a eye, every happiness was gone, the dark matter changed the gravity, light, wind, almost everything. The only thing we can do now is to fight against it, fight with everything we have, fight until our last breath, and if you help us, i thing we can destroy it.

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It's a cool and nice game, it's cute art makes it even better. I really like the mashup between flappy bird's and geometry dash's game elements, and the slower gameplay makes it a more relaxing experience than both games. Good jobm, keep it up!

Simple. But nice you should make some more games.

The helicopter game meets world of goo art, plus a decent campaign mode. Usually, that'd be a "Sign me up! 5 star" experience. The problem is, the further you get, the more it becomes apparent that you don't understand what makes your game good. The levels get a bit hard, which might not be an issue, but they were more fun when it was a casual thing. The real killer lives mechanic is unnecessarily tacked on, unnecesarily stressful, and the arbitrary wait for more is unnecessarily disengaging.

Not to mention the rectangles...
It's a shame, because you absolutely nailed the first few levels.

this I can't have fun with the delay in the time from when you click and when you jump, if this is d=fixed maybe it could be fun

ok that lives mechanic? see rating.