MARIO vs SONIC - Miami Edition

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Sonic The Hedgehog and his crew of drug trafficking thugs kidnap Peach and hold her hostage in their warehouse. Can Super Mario & his DEA team take out the criminals & rescue the Princess?

Written & Animated by Lhugueny
Voices by WDi_40, Lhugueny, Bryan, Stan & Christi Di Stefano
Music by Martin Landh

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This video sucks!! It's so stupid because I hate videos that shows video game characters like these ones getting killed and it shows blood and gore graphic violence.

Hahaha I actually enjoyed this quiet a bit great work, the anatomy at times needs some improvement but that's mostly about it for me, seriously though why is everyone hating on this so badly? It's not that bad in my opinion it was pretty good.

not bad i guess it was kinda funny in a wtf way. but im guessing thats what you were going for. sure the quality coulda been better but its not like youre disney or anything. not that good but not bad either

Geez! Why is everyone being a dick in the comments? I get the criticism but do you guys need to take the extra mile to be an asshole about it? "Not everyone" is good at drawing/animating. Even me as well. No one is perfect. And if you don't like the jokes then don't watch it then?

This video is good and I enjoy it. Don't listen to them Lhugueny. The jokes are funny enough.

The animation was low quality. The writing is in very uninspiring like my Poke La Mon short. No, this is worse than Poke La Mon. Just... why? It's just edgy "haha sex jokes! LOL" The scewing is atrocious, and so as the drawings. Nothing here was funny. Humor was too forced. The only funny thing was when they raise their arms, it reminds me of Family Guy so much. I feel Seth McFarlene was your main inspiration. Yeah. He is, isn't it?

lhugueny responds:

I really appreciate your constructive criticism, I could only aspire to be as great of an artist and well spoken critic as you. I'm sure you will go extremely far in life as you, please teach me your ways

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3.12 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2017
1:03 PM EST
Comedy - Parody