Giles' Journey

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This is a visual novel. While it does contain sexually explicit scenes, it is not a 'fuck fest'. My purpose in writing is to tell a story.

Giles is a simple (but successful) goatherd and farmer, who wants to marry the local tavern-keeper's daughter.
However, the tavern-keeper would prefer that his daughter marry the wealthy merchant's son.
Nevertheless, the tavern-keeper promises to give his daughter to Giles, if Giles succeeds in completing a Quest for him.
(However, is the tavern-keeper completely scrupulous?).

Giles must go forth, for the first time in his life, into the unknown Wilderness, in order to win the hand of his lady fair.
He must gather what preliminary knowledge he can, and equip himself, to prepare for the adventure.
And then set forth ...

Will Giles succeed in winning his lady love?
Or, will his adventures with the strange and unknown creatures, people, and places he encounters along his journey lead him onto a different path?
Perhaps better? Or far, far worse?

There are multiple outcomes to this story.
You, the Player, will determine the outcome, based on the choices you make for him.

Choose wisely.
[And, Save early, and often ...]

All music by Kevin MacLeod, incompetech, under creative commons 3 licemnse


A good story as usual, the animations in places were a little janky but overall a nice experience. I just wish I could figure out how to get the good end with Marsha

fleetp responds:

Thank you for playing and the 4 star rating!
There is a walkthru for the game at www dot pwpwpoker dor com

I'll send you a PM about the Marsha ending.

It's not even playable. Just an infinite loop of the instructions and title screen.

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fleetp responds:

I'm sorry you are having difficulty. What device and browser are you using to play it? No one else has reported the problem.
Very respectfully,

HEY !!! Everybody should rate this 5. Actually like adventuring games with adult content :D Damn this good !!!

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fleetp responds:

Thank you for the kind words and the 5 star rating.

I FIND THIS SHIT I ONLY MASTURBATE TO OVERWATCH PORN... No, but, seriously this pretty good, keep doing what your doing.

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fleetp responds:

Thank you for the five star rating. Giles can enjoy the companionship of one of six ladies. I'll probably release another visual novel when this one hits 10,000 views.

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2.93 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2017
4:31 PM EST
Adventure - Other