Don't Cut Yourself

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Mouse click or finger tap to stab with the knife.

It's time to test ur nerve, ur ability to face danger and not flinch. It's time to use that knife of yours and not stab someones hand. Yep, it's a simple skill game. Ur objective is to try NOT to stab the fingers of ur victims hand.

How many times will u stab before blood starts gushing?

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So this was a nighty little game you have here there are some really nifty elements about this infact this idea was a great concept and seems to have worked out well you did get front page and that's honors in itself so overall I found this game to be very welldone I think adding more interactivity options to the player more creative ones it would be even better overall this was just a really fun and entertaining game so nice job on this fun fantastic game

More creative options more interactivity that allows more creative styles


The fact it's a victim's hand makes it all the better ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(ps: I wouldn't include that outro music after you lose. It gets annoying very fast. Or at least let us mute that music without muting the sound.)

This could be fun and I like the idea, but here are the problems.

The speed at which the knife falls is too slow and unintuitive.
The hotspot between the fingers is too stingy.
The speed at which the knife picks up is too slow, so it's impossible to stab between each finger.
The knife does not pass the thumb nor the pinky far enough when the hand finishes each pass.
You can cheat by repeatedly stabbing between the thumb and index and ignoring the other fingers without a penalty. This ruins the fun which is to stab between each and all fingers in a particular rhythm like we see on various TV shows.

"Let me win!" ~Katie Stone Perez talk at Casual Connect

If a person who wants to beat highscores is looking for a game like this, I'd recommend it.

Overall- 2.5

The game always says "New Best: " but other than that fun timewaster

Credits & Info

2.18 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2017
1:26 PM EST
Action - Other