Dungeon Of Cataclysm V1

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V1 of Dungeon Of Cataclysm, Release 1!

If you want to request custom kinks and monsters Please Support it on Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/TeamPurpleTea

Artwork by PinkTeaGames
Music by Kevin Macleod
Everything else by MisterGlad

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This looks promising!

Im not sure if you wanted the fights to be active, where when its your turn, you automatically do the action selected. Anyway a menu would be good, even if it was to just see stats or save.

I am also pretty sure your VIP sections are for next update? or maybe just paying customers. Healing does nothing, since at the start your getting more damage then you give.

Drawings are decent, not professional but consistent with the rest of the game. I like it, although improved artwork is always a plus.

Anyway im sure you already made an improved version, so nothing more to comment at this time. This was posted in 2017 so lets hope this isnt a dead project, i do want to play more.

DragonGladiator responds:

project did die a while ago, however this is a significantly more up to date version.

its not that great now but i think its gonna bee a good game so here is your 5 stars

This looks like an amazing start to a game. Most of the problems it suffers from are because it's still in the early stages of development, but looking past those it looks promising. But comparing this game to your other ones, and other games of this nature, I can't get past the decision to add normal gameplay in with the hentai. The best part of Slave Lord was the limited time spent doing other things in order to get to the part we're all here for. It was basically instant gratification and better time spent : fun returned ratio compared to the rest of the market. Most other games made you do stupid shit to get to the stuff you had clicked on the game for in the first place, like the shit over at Nutaku, but that game was different and good for it. This game unfortunately also suffers from that problem with the (currently) very buggy combat system that is in between the scenes. Hopefully in the future versions of this game, it will consist of more h-scenes and less fighting. Other than that, the game seems like it will be another great game by pinktea.

DragonGladiator responds:

Well, firstly, This game is being developed by DragonGladiator/MisterGlad, pinktea is just doing the art.

There will still be fighting, but the characters in the next floor will be significantly more sexed-up, so it's more appealing.

The battle system is being worked on right now, could you explain what you didn't like about it so I can fix it?

And thanks for writing a legitimate review!

i am very dissapointed in what i have just played
1 There is no tutorial what so ever other than Press Z to advance text
.tutorials are the most important and useually the first thing added
. this could have been typed out in the "artist comments" sections

2 very poor optomization
. movement speed was far to slow even when switching to low quality
.the battle are a serious pain due to the fact i have to press attack 5 to 7 times just to see any proof ive actualy attacked the enemy

those are the main issues with this im not going to insult the art work because its pretty damn good and the slime girl animation was very nice

on a side note i noticed futas in the game i noticed this by not being able to attack the what so ever and dieing constantly
but i digress if they are going to be in the game please please please let us be able to bang them male on futa is underdone and often times visceraly hated amoung people who use or draw futas so a game where you can bang them would be nice

one last thing i get you need support but that shameless patreon promotion at the end honestly left a sour taste in my mouth after what i just experienced

is this a terrible game no not by a long shot is it good well as of right now no
but i do see the oportunity to improve this and get better ive given this a half star but ill be following the progress because i do want to see this game suceed
giveing low rates is not something i like to do but as someone who is reviewing a game i need to do it honestly best of luck hope to see this game improve and take off

I can't even Play.

+good artstyle

-controls are not shown

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2.32 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2017
1:53 AM EST
Adventure - RPG