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About a demon named Danny, who likes posh parties. This is my first cartoon, and it's a tween animation.

You can watch this at YouTube. (https://youtu.be/VtuvxXk_B-w)

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I totally dig it. The whole atmosphere it creates and the plot twist at the end was funny. Expecting more episodes!

It's dark, stylish and trippy, I like it) By the way the thing that you could do better in my opinion is more emotional (or more trippy if that's a thing) voice action, and better general directing.

i like the quality,work more appearances of your characters,they were all the same,except for women,well is not bad work more and make more fluids the jokes,or maybe show more they worl,nice job.

ViciousCake responds:

Yeah the characters aren't great. I'll make them look more different when I make more animations. And thanks by the way.