Blood sim 2017

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Author Comments

Not a game at all... But pretty funny sandbox! You may splat blood as much as you want, there allso be 40-60FPS
Maybe some day I will make a game based on this :?

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if you are going to make a game out of this, heres your million dollar pitch:

splatoon if it was rated M

erresome responds:

I think I will make a little squishy shooter game out of this :)

eh, it amused me for a couple minutes. delivered what it promises so i guess i cant be mad

erresome responds:

Thanks for playing! ^_^
I will release update soon!

It's pretty rad for a basic Sandbox sim. I really like that it uses physics and reacts in unexpected ways. The inclusion of a reset button would have been the cherry on top, and perhaps some sound effects and a quick loop.

out of 10...
GFX - 6 (good splatters, but choppy text)
SFX - 0 (No audio?!)
DESIGN - 5 (thoughtful level, but without features)
GAMEPLAY - 6 (Good for a couple minutes)
VALUE - 5 (worth checking out)

Overall, this toy is only just okay. It lacks features, but possesses ambitious potential. Nevermind haters, they're just unhappy with themselves and take it out wherever possible. Integrity shines through on this sandbox toy.

erresome responds:

Thanks for such a big review! O_O
I will release pretty huge update soon. It will contain RESET BUTTON, blood colors, movable objects (Phys too), bigger level, sounds and background melody!
Also I think to work together with "There she is!!!" movie creator, to make a game based on this story, so maybe future updates will be a bit slow in release.
(Sorry for bad ENG)

Not bad. Mildly entertaining.

erresome responds:

Thanks for playing! C:

Credits & Info

2.23 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2017
5:52 AM EST