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Feb 22, 2017 | 11:38 AM EST

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Updated to the

Warning: Web version might perform poorly further in the game due to ram size limit and won't allow you to transfer saves around. You might consider downloading standalone versions which are available to mac and windows.

SfP is a game inspired by free cities and jack of nine tails. You own a personal mansion and acquire slaves from various places, explore world, complete quests and advance through the Mage Order. Most plot points are still heavily in development, but otherwise game is fairly stable and 'sandbox'y. You can find latest links at the
You can also check blog and patreon:

This is a first attempt web version and saving to file is impossible as of yet.

There's no loading indication and game will still be loading after saying that all downloads complete.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hi, I wanted to say this is outstanding game, maybe the best H-game with Role-play I played. How is it text based is even more pleasant, because you can use your imagination, like in books. Still I wanted to ask some questions
1) Are you going to post any news on this side(on your profile), or it will be only on patreon page/blog page? When I first played it in march, I drop it hour after to play other games and I completely forgot about it, I played it now and seen so much improvement.
2)Wouldnt it be good for backstories to actually give you other things rather than starting equipment? Now, I dont see a point to take other backstories rather than Researcher in Sandbox as it saves you upgrade points and give you free spell that will help you grind in outskirts. For instance, I you are farmer, you could start with some upgrades for farm right on or with some discount, or mercenary should also have more points to spare or special attacks already unlocked, like heavy strike, I dont know if you plan it in next version, I just wanted to ask about this.
3)I noticed that this game is getting bigger and bigger, and if it still be on web or we have to download it in the future because of the size? Im planning to download it right as I clear my disk space, because I dont want to wait for loading when there is that little freeze.

Btw. really your game is good, keep up the good work, If this game gonna cost something in the future, then I buy it without problem.

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Maveriks responds:

1. I'm not very fond of duplicating posts everywhere, so it will likely stay as is.
2. I'll be rebalancing starting bonuses, thanks for the input
3. You should probably use standalone versions already, I'll keep uploading web version as long as the limits will allow me to do that.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Came here to ask a question -

In the latest standalone version's sandbox I can't seem to enter the farm at all as it is grayed out. Is there a specific way to unlock it (seems unlikely as level 0 in the new update system still provides 2 slave slots) or is this just a bug?

Other than that, stellar work so far.

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Maveriks responds:

You can manually edit your save or the game (set your to 4). Otherwise this will be fixed next version.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

There appears to be a major problem with the Farm in this version. When going through the Story Mode, I can unlock the farm, but the Farm Manager job is not unlocked at the same time. I am thinking this might be because when you go to give Sebastian the 1000 Gold, it shows his 300 Gold request page for the Farm equipment, not for the Farm itself. However, when I use a Sandbox character, Farm Manager is unlocked, but the Farm is greyed out, while Sebastian is not selling it anymore.

Reading the review from SeQAF, I can shed some light onto at least 1 of the bugs mentioned. While I have no idea how to reproduce the infinite stress bug, I can tell you what was meant with the visiting towns bug. When you have a window open from one of your slaves, then you try to go to your Portal room, it leaves the Slave window open above the Portal room, leaving you unable to journey to the other cities. The Farm suffers from the same problem as the Portals, unfortunately. The rest of the tabs on the left, however, work as intended, as far as I can see. At least, you are able to go to those other rooms without having to hit Mansion first.

I remember playing this back when you first posted this onto NG. Unfortunately, the only reason I have discovered that this game is still being updated, is because I had somehow remembered about this game, and wanted to play it again. I was rather surprised to find out it is still actively updated! I would personally suggest to you to perhaps do a new submission, so that this game appears in the new games list again. It will help let other players like me know that this game is still getting updated, and has not been abandoned.

... P.S, where do you get the snails? I can't seem to find them. I am about to just give up on it and say I must not be finding them because of the farm bugs, but I want to make sure, first. I have been searching primarily the Far Eerie Woods, since that seemed like the most likely area, without leaving Wimborn... I don't know, I just get this feeling most people would find snails to be a bit on the eerie side, instead of somewhere else...

P.S.S, I would also like to post what races I have found where so far, and inquire about where to find a couple others, without stealing "innocent" travelers and captured Bandit targets.
Arachne, Frostford Marsh.
All of the Beastkin can be found as Bandits, as far as I have seen... except maybe the Fox variety, and this includes Halfkin.
Dark Elf, Drow, and Elves, Wimborn Deep Elven Grove as random patrols, while the Elves can also be Bandits.
Demons, Frostford Marsh. They can also turn up as Bandits.
Dryad and Fairy, Wimborn Far Eerie Woods.
Goblins are among the Bandits as well... I think. It seems like I have seen them before?
Harpy, Gorn Mountain Ridge.
Lamia, Nereid and Scylla, Gorn Sea Beach.
Orcs are also Bandits... There really are a lot of Bandit types.
Slime, Frostford Marsh.
Taurus is the last Bandit type I believe.

Now, comes my questions... Where do you find Centaurs, Gnomes, Dragonkin and Seraphs, without buying them as slaves, rescuing them from Bandits, and attacking "innocent" travelers? Also, did I miss anywhere else to get any of the species above? I rather like this game, and would like to know as much as possible. Unfortunately, the wiki just doesn't seem to have enough info.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you continue to make this wonderful game, Maveriks.

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Maveriks responds:

Sadly, latest version farm seems to be slightly bugged and won't let you assign farm manager due to new upgrade system. I would suggest you to get standalone version in case you are wondering about races and numbers, as it's nearly opensource. You can purchase many races from Sebastian (wimborn market after certain plot point unlock). Centaurs, gnomes and dragonkin can be found around Gorn and at Mountains (dragonkin is extremely rare). Snails seems to be also bugged in current version, thanks for noticing it.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great game, but if you are going to have a sandbox mode, it should really have infinite everything

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

the game is alright so far except for a few things that every character deserves a picture then u could add sex scenes and the main character should also be able to capture people in battle without having another person in the party and without shackle the mana should not be decided by lust magical energy is in each person it would no sense that u only obte to escape any ain it by lust u should also make it so the main character starts out with 8 points or at least 4 for distributing between the stats and if a person is going to attack the camp u should have more options like leaving so u do not end up dead u should be able to escape without energy