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this is the worst thing ever

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yo. p good. keep it up dude you're a creative boy.

DoubleDenial responds:


Game starts too soon after clicking.
There is a constant rhythm to it, so after a minute (I guess a 100 points means a second passed?) It got very boring. If not for the walls I feel like I could play it with my eyes closed. And even without that they were for the most part.

But I cannot say that it is bad. It is a fast pace monotonous game. Weird but kind of enjoyable combination.

DoubleDenial responds:

(: Yeah, I agree on the first part. I should've given the player time to react.
Btw, it's 30 points per second.

Pretty boring. Canabalt did it better.

The visuals are kind of bland and the difficulty doesn't seem to increase much if at all after the beginning. Also, the ninja's legs keep sinking into the tiles - this doesn't seem to affect the gameplay, but visually it's kind of annoying.

DoubleDenial responds:

Yes, Canabalt did do better. You know why? Because they used a tool to make game development 10x faster. Because I'm not spending 75 days on a side project.

It's not a good game. It's very simple, too easy and gets bored quickly. However, I think you should keep on trying making flash games. This has some music, quite acceptable graphics, etc. - only thing I actually found definitely bad here was gameplay, so I guess if you keep on making flash games you might devleop something good and enjoyable. It just has to be something more than continous jumping over easy obstacles

DoubleDenial responds:

I dunno, do people just find dinosaurs more appealing than ninjas?

This is actually good for a first 16-bit game. I like the game play of it, only except it's kind of original, like the no internet connection game that chrome made.

The music was a good song as well, nothing wrong about that.

The thing that seems really plain in the game was the background. It was just grey, so maybe if you were to put a little more design to it then it would make the game better.

- J.A.P.G

(Worst acronym ever)

DoubleDenial responds:

Never thought about the bg.

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2.20 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2017
7:47 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other