Blue Lights #6

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This is the 6th, and final, episode of my new 6 part series Blue Lights. It's about a hopeless, lazy high school student called Rey. After his school is invaded by aliens, he goes on a crazy adventure.

How To Play:
-Click the forward button to progress through the story
-Complete Quick Time Events and Micro Games using your pointer
-Equip items from your inventory when prompted

Thanks so much to everyone who played each episode, and waited patiently for the finale! I really hope you like it.

This series was intended as a fun throw back, though my next, called "Phantom Reverse", will be my first proper, massive step forward. I hope you stay around for it - I'm really excited to tell that story :)

Thanks for playing, sharing, rating, commenting, reviewing, retweeting, etc.

- Jack Astral.

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The whole reason I made a Newgrounds account was to make a review for this series, well I guess also for the review of The Tale Teller the video. This game though, it is so freaking awesome. The entire series is like a bash on alien invasions, while being one of the best alien invasion series ever. I wouldn't dare say anything about this series that's bad. It is just too good. It is like pure gold. Can't wait to see this creator in his future endeavors and I can't wait to see what you all think. We love you Jack Astral, keep up the great work.

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JackAstral responds:

Thanks so, so much :)

This is an amazing game! I enjoyed playing them all, Sold me out with the cute art style and the story kept me going with the thrills and anticipation. Love the references and funny bits while the characters were chatting up a storm. though the quick time events were a little too repetitive but i had so much fun with the shooting part that it didn't bother me much. Looking forward to your next game, phantom reverse and I hope it'll be as exciting as this one :)

i cried so much...


Taking into account the entire series, I feel this episode was not terribly different from the rest, and overall it was underwhelming. The flashbacks were corny and everything that happened was beyond predictable. I did stick it out through every episode, but this was mainly due to the brevity of each episode rather than the quality of the VN. Was I expecting this to be Steins;Gate? No, but I WAS hoping for some element of choice or some plot element with a more serious commitment, either to its dramatic or comedic elements.

Some other minor gripes include the QTEs becoming longer and more tedious, as well as aliens literally stopping if they got close enough to you. Seriously? It also doesn't help that there are several points at which the characters even make note of the intentional vagueness of the plot, which works for an immediate comedic effect but fails to repair a broken story.

Points for decent artwork and a nice UI, but the substance just isn't here.

JackAstral responds:

That's fair enough, it was mainly intended as just a dumb, hyper little thing. I tried to add a little more to it through Rey's character arc - going from someone who runs away, to someone who tries. There's some little tiny bits of depth I think dotted around the narrative, though that defs wasn't the focus.

Thanks for the constructive criticism - I'll look into improving in those aspects going forward :-)

Respect.Best Games Ever.U r da best Jack ;3;

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Feb 21, 2017
7:38 PM EST
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