Samurai Adventure

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This game was made for a 24 hour game competition. It was completed in just under 24 hours by just me. The music was created by Eric Skiff.

Since its original release I have done quite a bit of updating to it just to make it more playable and fun. The current version of the game no longer reflects what it was when the original game jam game was released. Though it still has the same content.

It's an RPG/arcade game where you take control of a samurai apprentice attempting his final trial before becoming a full samurai.


Move with AWSD
Attack with Arrow Keys (Once you've found a weapon)
Pause game with ESC
Use your Ancient Power with F (Once it's unlocked)
To skip dialog for the map press Space (Good for a second playthrough)

Current Version: 1.4.0

Release Notes:

Added blood
Added new Cliff map
Added two new enemies
- Bats
- Fireball shooting statue
Added new lifesteal ability to Ancient Power
- This is in the form of a special shuriken projectile
- - Fires every 4th attack once all 6 shuriken are found
Fixed title screen text floating off screen after idle
New character sprite just for fun
Fixed minor bugs with sword
Raised XP curve to reflect new enemies and map
Added a longer wait time on Ancient Power attack to prevent spamming
New game icon

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Now I'm worthy of the Samurai title!
Loved it, though it was a little bit repetitive.
The Oni fight had me sweating at how many snakes he spawned.
It made me remember about those old Atari games.

well, I'm surprised. A very simplified game, yet kinda nice nonetheless. However, I believe that the enemies deal too much punishment

Not bad, and this music...why do I know it..you told the maker but why does it remind me of something..

i love this game because it simplifies game design down to its core. also the music is great

Really enjoyed the style and the adventure game, had some problems with the number of enemies and how to fight them without taking damage, but that last part may be just because I suck. In any case it brought memories of what may have been with the atari and if you would like to see the video review ,here it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFuU0j0J3_0

SirenGames responds:

I really appreciate you doing a video review! That means a lot to me! The game is meant to be somewhat difficult, but it's definitely doable. Collecting all of the shurikens helps at the boss fight too. If you rush the snakes you can kill them before they have time to jump. Everything else is just about attacking while moving away from the enemies. It takes a little practice.

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3.27 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2017
8:50 PM EST
Adventure - RPG