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Plot: Three individuals wake up inside a cabin with no knowledge of who they are or how they got there. To make matters worse, the cabin has been bolted shut to prevent anyone from escaping. (Scenario A & Scenario B)

Scenario C will be a side-story that takes place a few months after Scenario A and Scenario B. You will accompany a social worker named Tabatha who has received disturbing complaints about one of the survivors from the cabin. Upon her arrival, Tabatha discovers that this survivor harbors a shocking secret.

In the game, you will have the option to choose from three different perspectives (Scenario A, Scenario B, and Scenario C). Information is scarce, escape options are limited, and survival is not guaranteed in this modern day thriller.

Accept: Z / Enter / Left-Click
Cancel/Menu: X
Clues: C
Movement / Menu Selection: Arrow Keys or Mouse.

-45 minutes of game-play

-Six Different Endings

-Original Music

-Inspired by Unknown (2006) and V/H/S (2012).

Walk-through Scenario A:

Walk-through Scenario B:

Walk-through Scenario C:

Character Bio and Storyline Details

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Download the game here if you experience lag:

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point and click means no heyboard , clearly not the right category

Story is good, but the sound is not around for me for some reason was it just not implemented or is their something wrong with the game?

ZeroDigitZ responds:

Try using a different web browser like Firefox or Google Chrome. Let me know if the issue persists.

Amazing story although I too wish there were ending where you could save people. I do understand however that it would've taken so much more work to do so i loved how much playtime this had and how much there was to do! I love it all :) maybe even a scenerio where you play as the creature ;) ayways wonderful game

great game, found a error tho "Failed to load: data/Map128.json".
Happened in scenario B just after the lights went on. if I dont talk to the brother guy (so the husband guy never came in) i can go to the bathroom, grab the key, go to the room to the rigth and go downstairs from there (to torture room). in the loading screen to that last room i get the error.
hope it helps and sorry for my bad english

A pretty cool RPG maker game.

I have a few things to suggest to tighten up the logic and the game overall.

#1. I noticed this game takes place in the USA. If that is the case, then please make sure the grammar is also US based. We don't say "mum," spell behavior with a "u", or say "Zed" when we want to say "Z." I see a lot of International game devs make these sorts of mistakes in terms of using the proper vocabulary when setting their game in the United States. The mistake I'm referring to is either back in Scenario A or in the rulebook (trying to remember), the word "behaviour" is seen. It should be "behavior" since this is a US based story.

#2. I like that you have ending scenarios that depend on how we decided to either stay or go, and also if we have certain times or not. But I did notice that in Scenario B, even if you don't pick up the shot gun, the brother never picks it back up when he revives his sister. I think if he did, he would have stood a chance towards defending himself towards any oncoming attack, even if it looked like his sister. Same can be said for Scenario C. I don't understand why we can't call the police or leave the house once we've found the dead bodies. She's a social worker. She works for the local government. Reporting harm is the very first thing they do. Giving people the option to call the police once they see the blood or the bodies would have made this more interesting in terms of exploring endings. Scenarios A and B could have also had an ending where everyone lived. The husband from A could have taken the notes found in the office and the laptop and used the storage room from Scenario B (after it was unlocked) to make the gas. Though, I understand that everyone was in a state of confusion since they couldn't remember who they were or where they were...so that part would pretty much fall flat. I just figured that since people were treading carefully on where they were, that at least finding a new defensive weapon, like the gas, would have helped...especially since the husband ended up remembering why he was there before anyone else.

Anyway, I really liked this effort. I was intrigued up till the very end!

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3.89 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2017
9:18 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click