Kill Hammy!

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-This is just a project that I like to work on.


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At least it has interactions, but...
This game is really boring and quick to play. It has very low replay value due to it only having three ways to win and having no ways to mix endings. It'd also be nice to see you implement a mechanic so that the player can carry out the actions themselves. Like picking something out of the sidebar and using it as a tool rather than seeing an animation. Speaking of animation though, the art style is also very sloppy and not well thought out. Especially on the weight dropping ending since the hamster begins to squash down before the anvil hits them. It seems like it was an afterthought. But with a game that has an animation after ever action, it can't be skimmed over and done quickly.

This is funny, but It needs more weapons.

I feel like i'm in 2005 again.

Not saying you did a bad job. I get it, it's a start. You're adding more that's good, you have goals and plans!
Problem is.

Games like this aren't really fun. They never have been.
Put your talents and drive towards games with content ya know, you'll do fine.

Bad graphcis quality, basic, and i have found better ways to spend my the 15 seconds of my day, keep trying though.