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- Blast your way through a deadly randomly generated dungeon.

- You play as an archer, a wizard AND a warrior, all with different strengths and weaknesses.

- Level up to boost your stats, collect coins to buy new items.

- Awesome magic abilities!


Well it was nice, when you get skull set you won, its nearly impossible to lose.
What I find to fix is give option to target nearest, or key to change target, fix lifesteal working on objects. Make some way visible that synergy works because I only knew that wand synergy worked because of achievement I though it was 3 wands instead of 2.
Some kind of list of what exactly each status do, stun and slow is obvious but weakness and that upside down guy... no idea.
Visible Critical chance in list, and someway to see what stats each of hero have because I though they have same fire rate but after checking inventory they didn't.

After beating Sigmund and collecting few orbs i accidently deleted one of my skeleton stuff and knowing how powerfull that combo is and seeing how ease sigmund was I lost interest in replaying that game with how that aiming work is just painfull

Definitely worth a play!! I spent a long time enjoying this game. It's really challenging but I couldn't justify making it any easier. Perhaps lower costs for healing/revive but ayyyy whatever.
I found myself playing the archer solely and her magic seems very short for all that it is.

You made a great game with potential!

I really like your game :D

Here's a few things that could be changed:
-The switching between target system seems to barely work. More often than not, I will misclick, resulting in my character running straight into the enemy. maybe make a button that switches between characters?
-The magic spell hotkey doesn't work. I can use the keys 1,2,3 to switch between characters, but when the spell scroll is displayed, shouldn't they also activate the spells?

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The idea is good but there are too many UI problems.
First, the achivements cover the health bar and at the start of the game that bar is crucial.
Second, all the parts of the UI are too big and the areas are too big. This game needs rescaling of the UI and the stages.
The targeting system is also a problem. Your caracter needs to be in constant movement in order to avoid projectiles and melee damage but the most likely patern of movement will always change the damage direction to a less optimal target. This problem just gets worse when your character starts hitting obstacles also resulting in frustration.
Another minor problem. When you click an achivement the description stays active. I recommend adding a timer and returning it to the previous state after a few seconds.

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Decent, but RNG-heavy and the enemies feel pretty samey after awhile.

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3.49 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2017
6:11 AM EST
Action - Other