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- Blast your way through a deadly randomly generated dungeon.

- You play as an archer, a wizard AND a warrior, all with different strengths and weaknesses.

- Level up to boost your stats, collect coins to buy new items.

- Awesome magic abilities!


The targeting needs some serious work, it's so frustrating to either walk into the enemy or simply have them target a stationary object with a ton of HP while getting destroyed. Lost all 3 of my guys in level 6 because they kept targeting boulders/furniture. Also it seems like the cost to rez/heal players grows far too quickly, from 0, 400, 1200 gold considering you need to start from the very beginning (0 gold, gear, levels) when you completely die.

The movement is a bit challenging at times to use, but I'll give that a pass. Wish it had a little more story behind it and potentially some save points. (every 5 levels or so) Getting really tired of having to start over because of targeting issues. Maybe use a right click targeting system or tab target?

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I don't really like it as a dungeon game but i just wanted to say something.
A lot of these assets are stolen from other games. Just look up Overture and you'll see that they were taking from this game. Just wanted to say this because i cant find anyplace were the game says this.

Nice game, but the blue slowing fire that kills you quite quickly and can spawn on top of you is quite unfair....

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The game is overall good although in my opinion there are several issues.
As many people already pointed out, projectile hit-box does not match projectile sprite, and the incapacity to move and aim using two variant controls which conjoined with a sometimes unhelpful auto-lock priority makes you simply run unto an enemy when you just wanted to click it to change target.
Personally I have two other issues, one that no one noticed which although not a big problem is technically a big flaw, there is no "back button"in the highscore, so if you look at highscores you need to refresh the page. Secondly the sound, although I have no issue with the sprites (even if some did not enjoy the retro-style simplicity of them) the choice of arcade sound becomes really annoying after the first few minutes, when every single one of your shots makes a high-pitched noise, it quickly becomes really unbearable.

Not to end on a negative note, just to point out however that despite these issues the game is rather enjoyable and apart from some over-populated rooms the difficulty curve is overall fair.

Good game, need better controls!!

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3.49 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2017
6:11 AM EST
Action - Other