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Turn on ur brains *waits*... good, now that their on, u can get started with this brainteaser! Ur objective is to connect all of the electrons and positrons in some sort of chain, making sure u don't cross any electricity path thingies.

Remember - u must go from positive to negative or vice versa. Two positives or two negatives cannot connect!

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So here was another fun game by the great FWG group you guys make some pretty interesting games some fun some really hard some really easy this one seemed to finish so easy so my advice on this one is to make it harder ad more stuff and make it much more challenging it's an ok game just needs to be much harder besides that I did have fun while it did last but that's what I took away from this

Make it harder and longer and more challenging


i finished this way too quickly for my liking. overall, a nice concept though. work at it a bit more, and i think you may have something good on your hands.

This game is really easy.
I finished at least 20 levels at first try, even with the moving balls.
Maybe with more kind of balls it should be more interesting.
I finished the game in 10min.

Much more challenging than anticipated. A clever game that has a lot of playability using very little assets. Wish there was some sort of reward system or unlock able stuff other than stages.

We need harder levels. These are too easy!